Drobo makes award-winning data storage products for Businesses and Professionals that provide an unprecedented combination of advanced data protection and management features and affordable capacity. Drobo's patented technologies are the basis for enabling a unique combination of simplicity and storage sophistication. Their products offer a stark contrast to legacy storage, with distinct advantages in Ease-of-use, Affordability, data Safety, and Expandability (EASE), with the overall design that addresses the needs of workloads in the areas of media, virtualization, and cloud attached storage. Drobo delivers breakthrough ease-of-use, affordability, and value so that individual professionals and businesses will have the best storage experience ever.

10+ Drive Bay Rackmount Network Attached Storage Systems

These NAS units are sold without hard disks, so you can configure them as you please. Start with partial population and scale up as your budget allows or data capacity demands. Many of these units can be expanded by adding external disk shelves too.