Compro Technology

Compro Technology develops and markets PC graphics and multimedia products. With highly motivated and experienced engineers, innovation is the main focus at Compro. We combine the latest hardware and software technologies to provide high quality products to the rapidly evolving PC market.

Bullet CCTV Cameras


CCTV DVRs / Network NVR's

These devices can be connected to CCTV cameras to record activity at your home or office. Many can connect to four cameras and have complex alarm systems , POS integration and remote access. It's worth checking the dimensions of these boxes in case you have limited space - and to see if they're fanless and therefore silent.


NVR Storage / CCTV Accessories

A range of peripherals and addons to make the most of your CCTV system. Choose from a wide range of products including alarms, video recorders and cables.


TV Tuners - Analogue

Analogue TV tuner receivers for a computer. Using PCI or USB connectivity, they allow your computer to receive analogue tv without the need for a television. Ideal for when travelling or just to have a TV on your PC. As well as the ability to receive TV broadcast, some feature radio and video capture.

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