Canon (UK) Ltd is the UK marketing and sales operation for the US$30 billion global company based in Tokyo, Japan. In the UK Canon employs over 2,000 people in various locations including Ireland and has achieved sales of £505m in 2003.

All-In-One Multifunction Inkjet Printers with Scanners & Copiers

Designed for high quality printing, these all-in-one devices combine the functions of an inkjet printer with the additional capabilities of other office type hardware and are designed for areas where space is at a premium.
**Please note: Printer cable not included. See cable list here



A range of DSLR and DSLM Cameras. The DSLR revolution has given us the Hybrid Camera, equally at home in photography or video workflow, achieving cinema-like results using artistic shallow depth of field and film-style colours.


Flatbed Scanners

Otherwise known as an image-scanner, these flat bed scanners optically scan anything placed on the flat glass and convert this into a digital image. Using software on your computer, the scanned image can then be edited as required and saved in the required format. Connectivity is usually via USB. Advanced features to look out for include the ability to scan photo negatives.


Lens Adapters

Camera adapters enable the use of different types of camera lens mounts.


Printer Inks

A Full Range of the finest Cartridges