Scan sponsored charity Speed of Sight

Proud to support Mike Newman in his quest to set incredible blind world speed records

What is Speed of Sight?

Speed of Sight is a unique charity, delivering life-changing driving experiences for people with a wide range of disabilities. Speed of Sight enables such people to take part in an exhilarating, sensory and interactive activity that they would never have thought possible; an experience that so many of us take for granted – driving a car.

The combination of feeling the wind whistling past them, the sound of the engine roaring, the movement of the steering wheel and pedals, and the smell of the engine and the rubber on the tarmac results in an undoubted mentally and physically stimulating experience. More importantly, the experience offers a massive contribution and boost to our participants’ self-esteem; creating memories they and their family will treasure forever.

In short, we make the impossible, possible!

Meet Mike Newman

The charity’s Co-Founder, Mike Newman, who as a young boy dreamed of being a racing driver despite being almost completely blind from birth, inspired Speed of Sight. Due to Mike’s disability, the chances of this dream becoming a reality for him were virtually impossible. However, during the last 15 years, Mike has gone on to pursue his dream of racing everything from high performance automobiles to powerboats, with the odd motorcycle, truck and plane thrown in for good measure! Though he has made these pursuits look like effortless fun, Mike has collected no less than 8 World and Guinness World Records to date. He attempts his 9th record in early Summer 2017.

Scan Computers are proud long-standing sponsors of Mike Newman’s records dating back to 2003, and have continued this support in becoming a Corporate Partner of the Speed of Sight charity since its inception in 2012.

"Speed of Sight form partnerships with businesses that recognise the importance of community spirit and corporate social responsibility. At Scan International, if we are able to help inspire people and communities through our positive relationships with such a great cause, we are happy to support them all the way."

Mike Newman’s Guinness world records

  • 2001 - Guinness World Record on a Motorcycle – 89mph
  • 2003 - Guinness World Record in a Car – 144mph (driving a Jaguar XJR)
  • 2005 - Guinness World Record in a Car – 167mph (driving a BMW M5)
  • 2010 - Most ‘Loop the Loops’ in a Plane – 26 ‘loop the loops’ in close formation with 3 other planes
  • 2013 - Guinness World Record in a Car – 186mph (driving a Porsche GT2)
  • 2013 - Guinness World Record in a powerboat – 93mph (driving a Silverline powerboat)
  • 2014 - Guinness World Record in a Car – 200.4mph (driving a Nissan GTR)
  • 2015 - Guinness World Record in a Racing Truck – 120mph

New Guinness World Record – June 2017

Mike Newman broke his own Guinness World Record, piloting a Silverline powerboat at 105mph to beat his previous best of 93mph.