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2019 - Scan Zone articles

26 SEP 2019
AMD Ryzen 3000-series CPUs

It’s been an incredibly busy summer for computer engineers, with the launch of dozens of new major products.

21 JUN 2019
Featuring Ryzen 3000 Series

The latest from Computex and E3 this year including the new Ryzen 3000 series CPUs

21 MAY 2019
Featuring Intel 2nd Gen XEON

The latest Intel XEON scaleable CPUs and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU review.

12 APR 2019
Featuring GeForce RTX 2060 and 1660Ti GPUs

After a few months hiatus Scanzone is back, and in this issue has a deluge of new graphics cards.


2018 - Scan Zone articles

19 OCT 2018
Featuring GeForce RTX series review

It has been a long time coming, but NVIDIA has finally launched a new range of gaming graphics cards, the GeForce RTX 20-series.

31 AUG 2018
Featuring GeForce RTX series graphics cards

After a quiet few months over the long hot summer the wheels of industry are turning again with lots of new exciting products being announced.

22 JUN 2018
Featuring Intel's 28 core overclockable desktop CPU

While precious few new products launched in the last few weeks, June is always an exciting time in the tech industry as there are two big shows to look forward to.

27 APR 2018
Featuring AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen review

After a relatively quiet start to the year that last few weeks have seen a flurry of new product launches, foremost among which is AMD’s 2nd gen Ryzen CPUs.

19 JAN 2018
Featuring Intel Optane 900P SSD review

It’s the first Scanzone of the year and there’s already lots to talk about, from Intel’s ludicrously fast Optane 900P SSDs to NVIDIA’s Titan V graphics card.


2017 - Scan Zone articles

10 Nov 2017
Featuring Intel's 8th Gen Core review

The last few weeks have been packed with exciting technology launches so we held back the latest issue of Scanzone to be to cover them all in one bumper edition.

14 July 2017
Featuring Core-X and X299 review

New technology seems to come in waves and this month it’s a slew of new CPUs, with Intel unveiling its new high-end desktop CPUs, Core X, plus its most significant server CPU in years.

09 June 2017
Featuring Core-X series

One of the first announcements from Computex was Intel unveiling a new range of Core X CPUs. Starting with the number 7 instead of 5, these high-end desktop CPUs will replace the existing X-series when they launch later this summer.

05 May 2017
Featuring Windows 10 creators update

While there’s been plenty of new hardware to salivate over this month, and lots more to come later this summer that I can’t tell you about quite yet, the most notable event this month was the debut of the Creators Update for Windows 10, which adds lots of hot new features including a Game Mode. Read on to find out more.

03 Apr 2017
Featuring NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti

Spring is finally here but there is still a great reason to stay inside thanks to the launch of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, which delivers a whole new level of performance at a much more affordable price than previous high-end graphics cards.

03 Mar 2017
Featuring AMD Ryzen review and Nvidia Quadro GP100

As 2017 gets properly underway AMD has lifted the curtain on its first Ryzen CPUs that it’s been teasing us about for the last few months. Read to find out what makes the new chips special and how they stack up against Intel’s best.

03 Feb 2017
Featuring Intel Kaby Lake and NVIDIA Shield 4K TV streamer

2017 has got off to a great start with the launch of several key new products including Intel's 7th generation Core processors which bring improved overclocking to the table, plus an updated version of the NVIDIA Shield media streamer.


2016 - Scan Zone articles

22 Dec 2016
Featuring AMD Ryzen CPUs and Tobii eye tracker

The last few months have seen a barrage of new graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD, but this month the industry is gearing up towards Christmas with a ton of special offers to tempt buyers.

04 Nov 2016
Featuring NVIDIA DGX-1 and HTC Vive Business Edition

This October has seen a massive variety of new products launch onto the market, including new graphics cards, VR headsets, gaming keyboards, living room gaming PCs

02 Aug 2016
Featuring NVIDIA GTX 1060 and Titan X Pascal

If you thought there were lots of new graphics cards already this summer then you better get ready for another deluge, as in this month’s Scanzone we’ve got news of 11 new cards.

15 July 2016
Featuring NVIDIA GTX 1070 and AMD Radeon RX480

Summer still refuses to arrive but that hasn’t stopped NVIDIA and AMD flooding the market with exciting new graphics cards, delivering unparalleled performance while consuming less power than previous generation GPUs.

06 June 2016
Featuring Intel Broadwell-E and NVIDIA GTX 1080

The last few weeks have been dominated by some big news and announcements in the graphics industry. Gamers have cause to celebrate as NVIDIA has launched its next-generation GeForce 1080 and 1070 gaming graphic16s cards.

07 Apr 2016
Featuring Intel Skull Canyon Nuc and NVIDIA Pascal

Spring is in the air and the sun is shining (sometimes) and so after the lull in the first few months of the year Intel, NVIDIA, AMD and Microsoft have all got lots to show off this month.

07 Mar 2016
Featuring HTC Vive and Intel Extreme Masters PCs

After more than 20 years of waiting my dream of VR gaming is finally here, with the HTC Vive headset now available for pre-order.

09 FEB 2016
Featuring CES Technology show 2016 and Virtual Reality Headsets

The new year is already off to a great start with lots of hot new tech being demoed at the CES show for the first time.

04 Jan 2016
Featuring NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Laptops and Nvidia GRID

As 2016 kicks off NVIDIA has rolled out three new GPUs, a version of the GTX 980 for gaming laptops and two new Tesla GPUs for servers. We’ve also got news on a great free game bundle from AMD.


2015 - Scan Zone articles

04 Dec 2015
Featuring NVIDIA Shield Tablet TK1 and StarWars Battlefront

Christmas is only a few weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped NVIDIA releasing an updated version of its incredibly popular Shield tablet – this time with a £90 reduction in price.

03 Nov 2015
Featuring 3XS Steam Machine, Intel Xeon and NVIDIA G-Sync monitors

Nearly two years after the initial announcement SteamOS is finally ready for release, with Valve recently announcing the launch date will be 10th November.

09 Oct 2015
Featuring nvidia shield tv, intel 6th gen laptops and nvidia gtx 980 laptops

The big news this month is the NVIDIA Shield TV, a media streamer that can also stream PC games to your TV via the cloud.

28 Aug 2015
Featuring intel 3d xpoint, skylake review, barracuda dream pc and nvidia quadro

August may be the month when a large chunk of the population goes on holiday but that hasn’t stopped the IT industry, with dozens of new products being announced and launched this month.

31 Jul 2015
Featuring Windows 10 review, free metal gear solid and insomnia i55

This month the biggest news is the launch of Windows 10, not just because we’ve been waiting nine months for it but because it’s really good, combining the best features of Windows 7 and 8

30 Jun 2015
Featuring Windows 10, AMD Fury X, Computex and E3 Gaming show

June is a fantastic time to be a PC enthusiast, with two major shows, Computex in Taiwan and E3 in Las Vegas, giving us sneak peaks of hot new technology and games that are coming soon.

29 May 2015
Featuring Acer G-sync Monitors, AMD Zen APUs and the latest on HBM Memory

May in the UK means a mixture of sunny days and sudden rainstorms, and the IT industry has done its best to echo the weather, with a mixture of good and bad news.

29 Apr 2015
Featuring Intel PCIe 750 Series SSDs with NVME and Grand Theft Auto V for PC

After bombarding us with new gaming tech at GDC last month the IT industry took a different tact this month with Intel releasing several new products including the first Core i7 NUC.

30 Mar 2015
Featuring NVIDIA Titan X, HTC VR Headset and WD NAS Drives

With two big tech conferences this month starting with the letter G, the Games Developer Conference and NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, the last few weeks have been filled with a flurry of new product and tech announcements.

30 Feb 2015
Featuring AMD FreeSync, Intel Datacenter SSDs and NVIDIA Shield‏

Compared to the rash of announcements at the CES show in January, February is often a slow month in the IT world.

28 Jan 2015
Featuring CES Technology show 2015 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

After the spike in sales in the run up to Christmas the tech industry switches to a completely different gear in January, gathering at the CES show to show off the hot new products scheduled for release in the year to come.


2014 - Scan Zone articles

22 Dec 2014
Featuring Samsung 850 Evo SSDs, Intel Funky NUCs and Super high-res monitors

Welcome to Issue 26 of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers. While December is a frantic time for Scan and the PC industry

26 Nov 2014
Scan wins best retailer 2014 Award

Hello and welcome to the November issue of ScanZone. It’s nearly Christmas, but that hasn’t stopped the tech industry, with Google releasing its new Android OS, Lollipop, which is available now on NVIDIA’s multi-award winning Shield tablet.

30 Oct 2014
Featuring windows 10, Microsoft unveils the new OS

Hello and welcome to the October issue of ScanZone. After the last few months of near continuous product launches by Intel, NVIDIA and Corsair there’s finally time to draw breadth and take stock of everything that has happened.

29 Sep 2014
Featuring NVIDIA GeForce 900 and velocity 2014 winners

Hello and welcome to the September issue of ScanZone. This month has been another manic one, with the big boys of the PC industry, NVIDIA and Intel launching major new products.

1 Sep 2014
Featuring Intel X99, 8 core CPUs and new Quadros

Hello and welcome to the August issue of Scanzone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers. We delayed this month’s newsletter for a few days because we wanted to include news of Intel’s first 8-core desktop CPU, the Core i7 5960X and the launch of DDR4 memory.

30 Jul 2014
Featuring NVIDIA Shield Tablet & Intel PCI-E SSDs

After the barrage of CPU launches the last few months I think a lot of people were expecting a relatively quiet July on the new tech front. However, NVIDIA managed to keep its latest new product, the Shield tablet

26 Jun 2014
Featuring 4th Gen Intel CPUs and NVIDIA G-Sync 4K monitors

June is always a great time to be a PC enthusiast as it marks the coming together of the tech and gaming industry in two great trade shows: Computex in Taipei and E3 in Los Angeles.

23 May 2014
Featuring NVIDIA Shield Tablet & Intel PCI-E SSDs & 3XS Gaming Laptops

Hello and welcome to the May issue of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers where we try and keep you informed about some of the cool goings on at Scan and the computer industry as a whole.

26 Apr 2014
Featuring AMD R9 295X2 Dual Graphics and Audeeze Pro Audio Headphones

Hello and welcome to the April issue of ScanZone. This month’s newsletter is little bit later than usual, but we wanted to hold it back so that we include news of some exciting new graphics cards from AMD .

26 Mar 2014
Featuring Intel 730 Series SSDs and Free Games with GeForce GTX

Hello and welcome to the March issue of ScanZone. Just like the weather, the IT industry has been blowing hot and cold, with the launch of some exciting, but expensive products such as the Intel 730 SSDs.

23 Jan 2014
Featuring The first Steam Machine for SteamOS from SCAN Computers

Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of ScanZone for 2014. This month we’re particularly excited to announce details of Scan’s partnership with Valve to launch the UK’s first official Steam Machine.


2013 - Scan Zone articles

19 Dec 2013
Featuring The 3XS Bear, The Fastest PC Custom PC has ever tested

This month we’re proud to unveil one of our biggest projects this year, our latest 3XS Dream PC. The Bear joins our stable of Dream PCs, each of which offers world-beating performance in a highly individual and customisable chassis.

13 Nov 2013
Featuring NVIDIA G-Sync, Mike Newman Blind Speed Record and Intel NUCs

And welcome to the November issue of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers that aims to inform you about the most exciting technology and developments in the computer industry.

14 Oct 2013
Featuring 3XS Graphite laptops and Battlefield 4 with AMD R9 290X Graphics Cards

Hello, And welcome to the October issue of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers that aims to inform you about the most exciting technology and developments in the computer industry.

16 Sep 2013
Featuring Intel Xeon E5 Processors, Intel X79 Chipset and ASUS 4K Monitors

Hello and welcome to the September issue of ScanZone, After the relative peace and quiet month of August (a lot of people went on holiday) the IT industry has now begun to gear up for the busy period towards the end of year.

9 Aug 2013
Featuring SCAN 3XS website refresh and Free Splintercell with GeForce Graphics Cards

Despite the last few weeks of glorious weather we haven't given up working in order to better our suntans. In fact, we’ve been busy beavering away with lots of new technology, including an expanded range of Intel NUC small form factor PCs

5 Jul 2013
Featuring NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, Corsair AIR Cases and The Best games of E3

After the flurry of new CPUs and GPUs that launched last month, over the last few week's things have been a bit calmer.

11 Jun 2013
Featuring NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 Series and AMD APU Processors

And welcome to the June issue of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers. The last few weeks have been absolutely manic, with NVIDIA, Intel and AMD launching over 20 major new products.

10 May 2013
Featuring NVIDIA GeForce 700M powered laptops and the AMD 7990 Graphics Card

Welcome to Issue 07 of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers that lets you know what we’ve up to and about some of the exciting new products that our partners have been producing.

12 Apr 2013
Featuring NVIDIA GeForce Experiance and Intel Gaming

And welcome to Issue 06 of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers. March and April have been busy months for the computer industry

14 Mar 2013
Featuring The GeForce GTX Titan and NVIDIA Quadro Professional Graphics Cards

And welcome to the June issue of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers. The last few weeks have been absolutely manic, with NVIDIA, Intel and AMD launching over 20 major new products.

7 Feb 2013
Featuring Intel Next unit of computing NUC and NVIDIA GeForce vs Quadro

And welcome to Issue 04 of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers. This month has been an exciting one for the computer industry because lots of new products were announced

4 Jan 2013
Featuring 3XS Priority build from SCAN Computers and Intel Xeon Phi Co-processors

Welcome to Issue 03 of ScanZone, the monthly newsletter from Scan Computers. This month Scan has been working hard with its premium partners to launch several new exciting products


2012 - Scan Zone articles

5 Dec 2012
Featuring Intel Core i7 Extreme Processors and the new 3XS Gaming Range

Welcome to the December issue of Scanzone, the monthly newsletter from Scan that we’ve created to let you know about what’s going on in the IT industry.

31 Oct 2012
Featuring The New Windows, Windows 8 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650Ti

Hi there, Welcome to the first edition of Scanzone, the monthly newsletter from Scan that we’ve created to let you know more about what’s going on the IT industry.


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Jun 2017
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May 2017
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Featuring a Virtual Reality extravaganza bought to you from The Virtual Reality Show in London and a chance to win a Corsair ONE.

Apr 2017
scanzone video episode 5
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Featuring ASUS Aura RGB lighting, the Nokia OZO 360 degree camera and your chance to win an ASUS GTX 1080Ti prize bundle.

Feb 2017
scanzone video episode 4
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Featuring highlights from BVE London, the latest Panasonic Lumix 4k GH5 Camera, AMD Ryzen and a new sound blaster.

Jan 2017
scanzone video episode 3
The Scan Zone - Episode 3

Featuring NVIDIA Shield TV, Windows 10 for gamers, CES and the NAAM show.

Dec 2016
scanzone video episode 2
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Featuring NVIDIA DGX-1, Tobii Eye tracker, Dishonored 2 and Zoom Q2N.

Nov 2016
scanzone video episode 1
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Featuring a VR demo with NVIDIA and HTC, Titan X and FIFA 17 key features.