Scansure - This service is no longer available

This service has been replaced with ScanProtect, please click here to read more about our new service.

Scansure protection has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of accidental component damage during installation. Our aim with Scansure to encourage people to build their own PC confidently.

Please DO NOT confuse this with the "Upsell Extended Warranties" offered by your typical high street retailers

About Scansure

Scansure is an insurance policy provided by Lloyds' of London. For an extremely small charge, if you damage or break goods during installation Scan will replace them.

The usual Manufacturer's Warranty only covers the replacement of faulty goods, not damaged goods. If you were to drop or break an item then only Scansure would provide you a replacement item.

Even our most experienced customers know how easy it is to bend connecting pins, snap internal cables and fixings or simply items falling off a work-surface.

Accidents do happen. Give yourself peace of mind.

The policy summary is available here.

Making a claim is simple, call our usual customer service number and we will do the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Exactly what does Scansure cover? Scansure is not extended warranty; it is specialized protection against accidental damage (including water damage) to components during installation. It is a market leading insurance product backed by Lloyd’s of London.

When does my insurance cover start? Scansure starts providing protection the moment you take delivery of your goods.

How long does Scansure cover last for? Scansure protection lasts for 28 days following the delivery of your goods.

How long is my claim likely to take? All claims are processed on the day of receipt of the returned item(s). Valid claims will be authorized and dispatched accordingly.

What do I do in the event of accidental damage? Within 24 hours of discovering the incident contact the Scansure claims line on 0871 4724747.

Where can I find a copy of the Scansure insurance terms and conditions? If you would like a further copy of the key facts or terms and conditions, Click here to download.

How can I make an enquiry about my Scansure insurance? Telephone 0871 4724747