Panasonic S Series

Let's talk about the latest cameras coming in 2019 from Panasonic

Next in Line

With Photokina put to bed and the mass of news from the world of Pro Video and Photography starting to simmer down just a tad – unless you count the wave of improvements to phone cameras coming from Google and Samsung – let’s talk a little bit about the newest venture from Panasonic, Sigma and Lecia.

We adore the GH5S, with its versatile features, Dual Native ISO and chef-kiss-quality video, but like many in the industry, we’re always hungry for the next thing.

Well, it seems that Panasonic are delivering that meal with the Lumix S1 and S1R, adding Full Frame Mirrorless cameras to the Lumix family.

So what’s new in the S1 cameras?

Following suit with other companies like Sony, Canon and Fujifilm, Panasonic’s S1 and S1R now feature full mirrorless image sensors (35mm). The S1 will have a 24-megapixel version and the S1R a 47-megapixel version.

Outside of that, it appears the two models will follow a similar structure from there on. Panasonic are touting the S series as the world’s first – as of the announcement in September – camera to support 4K60p/50p video recording in a full-frame DSLM camera.

Check the specs below!

Panasonic Lumix S1 S1R

On a smaller phone? Click here to see the full image.

The L-Mount Alliance

So while it’s an impressive feat in specifications, the S series also marks the joint partnership between Sigma, Lecia and Panasonic. Branded the ‘L-Mount Alliance’, the three companies are giving their lenses complete compatibility between the three companies’ cameras going forward. This means you won’t need an adapter to use a lens intended for a different sensor format and giving you, the consumer, the freedom to use what you want, opening up new avenues for you to take on creatively.

The L-Mount will eventually see more than 10 lenses by 2020, bolstering your new equipment selection in about a year after the camera’s initial release in 2019. These include a 50mm/F1.4 prime lens, 24-105mm standard zoom lens and 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens.

However, if you’re in the need for a fantastic camera right this second, we still highly recommend you look into the GH5 and GH5S below.



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