How to keep the sound tech happy

1. Be on time!

This will speed everything up, so that the engineer has plenty of time to make the best of your sound. It will also provide plenty of "Oh bugger!" time to fix any issues that may arise...

2. Be Polite to the engineer.

Remember, whether or not your show sounds good is reliant on them, and this will probably be your first time meeting. Listen to them, they will know the ins and outs of the venue, and any issues the building has. They'll know how best to cope with them. All venues have little quirks!!!

3. Set up as quick as you can.

Once you've set up, by all means check you equipment is fully working and set the way you want it, but as soon as you are confident with it, set you instrument back down and get out of the way so the engineer can get in and mic up etc. Engineers have a LOT to do....

4. Line check.

When you are line checking each instrument, if yours is not the one being checked, then STAY QUIET!!!! This is NOT the moment to start asking the engineer random questions or go over that riff you have been struggling with in practice.

A real peeve for engineers is drummers, hitting a drum whilst they're plugging a cable and their ear is close up to the kit.

5. Sound check.

During sound check you need to be clear with the engineer what you want in your monitors, and then work with them. ( And yes your guitar is probably too loud on that setting for the venue! ). Make sure YOU are happy with your stage sound, the engineer probably won’t be able to hear from your vantage point on the stage, so you have to communicate it properly. Also, remember that some venues are just really bad for on-stage sound because of their shape and size.

Once you are happy, don’t change anything!! And DO NOT turn the volume back up in the first song!!!