3XS powers NOISIA for future challenges.

Scan and 3XS are proud to be powering electronic music trio NOISIA with AMD Ryzen based audio workstations.

With 2021 being the final year for NOISIA as an act, Thijs, Martijn & Nik each had changing requirements to deal with new solo opportunities including film scores and design work, so their computers at their Gronigen studio needed to meet the new challenges. The studio computing upgrade follows on from Nik previously installing a 3XS workstation in his home studio earlier in the year.

3XS’s audio system designer Pete Gardener shares an insight into why this is the best solution for them.

“Starting with our flagship TX570 AMD Ryzen solution, the group have then specified their own choice of upgrades. Based initially around the powerful 16 Core AMD 5950X CPU, each of the systems has received uprated RAM, graphics, storage and cooling.

The AMD 5950X is currently the best all-round CPU for DAW applications, with a much faster clock speed than traditional workstation CPU’s. It performs well when faced with the type of complex sound design workflows that Noisia are well known for, particularly when using a lot of group bussing with heavy effect chains which can put increased pressure on a small number of cores. Most DAW software is now fully optimised for 16 core operation, so this arrangement offers us the optimum configuration with plenty of fast, powerful cores which are well suited to the studio needs of electronic producers.

Although their Northward Acoustics designed studios have the computers situated outside of each control room, we still went with full be quiet! air cooling throughout. These fans offer great air flow, with a low noise profile making them particularly beneficial in DAW use and especially here with the powerful GPU selection. The Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU model has a hybrid fan design which will operate passively under lighter processing loads, only spinning up when video rendering or dealing with other demanding graphical tasks, so effectively silent with DAW software. Lastly the CPU itself is cooled with a tower fan style heatsink design, which will help focus the airflow inside the case and ensure effective circulation. All this means that the system spec will prove to be just as useful to people who need a low noise computer system running alongside them inside the room.

There is a total of 4TB of Gen4 PCIE storage with a blistering 7000GB/s read speed for those big sample libraries and 128GB of 3600Mhz RAM to provide a large orchestral template at their fingertips. There’s extensive connectivity with both dual thunderbolt 3 and a total of 11 USB 3.2 ports. “

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