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Scan has been supplying Pro Audio products, systems and instruments to audio professionals for over 20 years

Our Pro Audio team is made up of music professionals from all over the country, including Top Producers, Composers, DJ’s, Instrumentalists and Engineers, specialist people with specialist knowledge. Working professionals who use this equipment on a daily basis, and whose expertise is called upon by some of the biggest names in the Music Industry.

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Staffed by industry professionals

Over the years, this breadth of knowledge and experience has allowed us to work in partnership with some of the Pro Audio World’s finest manufacturers , and we now work with them to ensure that we have everything available for your studio from Keyboards and Guitars through to DJ Kit and PA Equipment, so that no matter what you need to achieve, whatever kind of music you’re making, the chances are, we’ve been there, and we understand what you need to make your music the best it can be.

Our delivery system is flexible and easy to use. You choose when you want it delivered and we’ll get it there on time, and with 100% order tracking inc. Alerts via SMS, email & web.

Bespoke hand built Pro Audio workstations

Here at Scan we adopt the 3XS mind-set in every department. We want to build systems and sell hardware, that are optimised completely for your specific task. We aim to deliver on performance and reliability while we remain flexible enough to accommodate your personal choice. We know that whether or not this is your passion, your hobby or indeed how you make your living, you need a system that is tailored, configured and built to your specific demands, allowing you to achieve your end goals.

You should know that we only hold products that we know are the best performing units for a particular task. We are one of only 3 places in the world which bench test (and publish the results!) soundcards and interfaces.

We test everything - Our Pro Audio Staff are familiar with everything we sell and why we sell it. With literally decades of experience as Engineers, Producers and Live musicians, our Pro Audio staff have 'been there' and are absolutely familiar with your requirements.

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However you make music, our experts have got you covered.

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Piano's & Keyboards

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Condenser, dynamic microphones and accessories

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Turntables, analogue mixers DVS systems and more
Meet the Scan Pro Audio team
Steve Fairclough

Steve is a veteran of the UK music industry. Throughout the ‘90’s he worked as a Worldwide demonstrator for Takamine, Parker and Korg keyboards. He has subsequently run his own highly successful Sound Design company creating Music for TV, Radio and Cinema, launched his own Fairclough guitar brand, and built the Scan Pro Audio dept. from scratch alongside Tom Francis. In 2015 he was appointed European Ambassador to Fishman Performance Technology.

Tom Francis

Tom is a highly successful Drum and Bass producer. He has toured extensively across the world as a DJ and one half of the acclaimed Autobots. Before now, he has run his own record label, has managed multiple studio facilities and was the Live DJ for Manchester band, The Happy Mondays. He is a self-confessed audio geek with a speciality in Headphones and studio design. He has consulted to many top audiophile companies and alongside Steve Fairclough has built up the Pro Audio division of Scan computers.

Pete Gardner

Pete is an accomplished DJ and computer audio specialist. Back in the day , he ran his own label and was heavily involved in the Manchester Dance scene. He runs the Audio side of Scans 3XS computer dept, and is probably Europe’s leading expert when it comes to PC’s for Audio. He regularly writes for Sound on Sound magazine , and indeed is their PC Audio guru. When it comes to PC optimisation for audio work, Pete’s your man..

Kieran Lee

Kieran is our purchaser, and he has relationships with all the major suppliers and manufacturers, but spends his weekends up and down the country running a 20K live rig at different events and festivals. He runs his own ‘Unsigned show’ on Bolton FM.

Stuart Merry

Stuart is a music industry stalwart and has worked in all areas of music retail including in stores, as a rep and running his own distribution business. He is a skilled guitar technician with many years experience with both Acoustic and Electric guitars, and indeed is responsible for all the guitar set-ups here at Scan. He is a tone nerd and is adept with combinations of guitars and amplifiers, most of which he has owned at one stage or another. His speciality area is effects pedals, and he has played in many bands over the years, most of which involved Heavy Rock music.

Rick Horrocks

Rick started his working life as an apprentice studio engineer, and went on to become an integral part of the Scan 3XS system build division specialising in audio systems. In his time he has played in local bands, and is a Bass player, guitarist and Keyboardist. He has written a number of Soundtracks for Film trailers and adverts and has his own Recording facilities from where he runs RH Soundtracks.