Scan Audio

Scan Pro Audio is the audio division of Scan computers. Over the last 25 years, Scan have built a healthy reputation for building High end audio systems for Professional musicians and producers. Our systems grace some of the finest recording studios in the world, and our client list includes some very famous composers, producers, musicians and DJ's.

Our Aim

Here at Scan we adopt the 3XS mindset in every department. We want to build systems and sell hardware, that are optimised completely for your specific task. We aim to deliver on performance and reliability while we remain flexible enough to accomodate your personal choice. We know that whether or not this is your passion, your hobby or indeed how you make your living, you need a system that is tailored, configured and built to your specific demands, allowing you to achieve your end goals.

Further to this, we dont hold stock of 'everything' as some retailers do. Instead, we hold products that we know are the best performing units for a particular task. We are one of only 3 places in the world which benchtest (and publish the results!) soundcards and interfaces.

We test everything - Our Pro Audio Staff are familiar with everything we sell and why we sell it. With literally decades of experience as Engineers, Producers and Live musicians, our Pro audio staff have 'been there' and are absolutely familiar with your requirements.

The Team

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Pete GardnerPete has supplied and built systems for some of the biggest names in the industry. You know those beautiful Orchestral software packages that cost thousands of pounds? Pete builds the systems that are used to test them Top studios here and abroad use Scan computers at the heart of their networks. Pete builds them. As a writer for Sound on Sound magazine, and a hugely active member of the Forum community, Pete has a reputation, second to none when it comes to Audio PC's and their configuration. He's also a DJ, and has played pretty much all the best venues in the UK.

Tom FrancisTom is a member of the Autobots, and as a producer and remixer his last output (a remix of the Modestep classic "To the Stars") he scored 4.5 million hits on you tube within a single week (Feb.2012) Tom is also the owner of one of only 2 studios in the whole of the country, which cater for digital transfer of Analogue tape. Tom is a first rate engineer and producer, and his knowledge of Soundcards is second to no-one. He's also a DJ, and has travelled the world playing to audiences of thousands everywhere from Russia to the USA and all points in between.

Steve FaircloughSteve is a veteran of the UK music industry, throughout the '90's he was demonstrator and clinician in Europe and America, for Takamine and Parker guitars. During this period he worked alongside many great musicians such as Brian May, Peter Gabriel, Martin Taylor, Billy Cobham to name a few. In 2000 he stopped touring and pursued his other love of composition through his own company Steve Fairclough Sound Design. Consequently, he has written soundtracks to more TV commercials than he cares to remember. He is also currently the UK demonstrator for Breedlove and G&L guitars, and can be seen at various clinics up and down the country.

Our Partners

We prefer not to think in terms of suppliers or distributors, but rather as partners, aiming to bring the best possible solutions we can. To that end we have very close links with the following fine brands and companies:

Our offer to you

We aim to supply Systems or Audio Components that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a bedroom songwriter, a gigging musician or DJ or a full blown professional studio, we have the right gear, the right knowledge and the right attitude to deliver exactly what you need.