Scan UK Announces R48 Replacement Policy

Scan Priority Replacement Policy

Scan has been pushing for innovation since 1987. It's our mission to offer the best of everything, and then some.

To name a few - we've introduced Scan Protect, an exclusive enhanced warranty designed to give DIY enthusiasts unparalleled peace of mind. To give our customers everything they need to make informed decisions, we've produced countless TekSpeks, Buyers Guides and product videos to pass on all our industry expertise and knowledge.

The latest in the line of Scan innovations is our R48 returns policy.

Here at Scan we understand how frustrating it can be for customers to have a faulty part. Be it a GPU, motherboard, mouse or monitor, R48 has this covered.

We have developed R48, our 48hr replacement policy alongside our key partners to give customers the best returns/replacement experience.

Every partner has its own replacement policy for faulty components, resulting in an inconsistent turnaround time.

R48 means we will dispatch a replacement to customers within 2 working days of receiving the product back at Scan.

R48 is free of charge, providing another great reason to buy from Scan and choose a product from one of our key partners.

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