Scan Computers is proud to announce the launch of an innovative new proposition from the company – cloud workstations and servers.

Scan’s 3XS Systems GPU-accelerated workstations and servers are the gold standard when it comes to delivering content creation and data science applications. Powered by professional-grade NVIDIA RTX GPU accelerators and vGPU technology, all the capabilities of our award-winning 3XS Systems are now available in the cloud from any device, anywhere.

Scan Cloud takes all of our expertise in physical systems and packages it into a range of cloud services to give you virtualised GPU compute whenever and wherever you need it - on-site, off-site or even on a construction site.

‘The launch of Scan Cloud marks the next step in the evolution of Scan, building on our expertise in building 3XS Systems and strategic partnership with NVIDIA to provide both physical systems and cloud services and solutions’ said Elan Raja, CEO of Scan.

Cloud workstations and servers, running Windows 10 Pro or Ubuntu Linux, are delivered securely from a centralised server infrastructure and can be specifically tailored to meet customer requirements in terms of number of users and their individual performance requirements. The portfolio includes five services, each aimed at specific industry verticals.

3XS Pro Graphics Cloud Workstation is a flexible service that delivers high performance virtualised professional graphics applications for CAD, CAE, AEC, BIM and M&E, while the complementary 3XS Cloud Rendering service delivers rapid CPU and GPU rendering for more complex projects.

3XS Pro Video Cloud Workstation is a flexible service that delivers high performance virtualised professional video applications for editing, colour grading, VFX and M&E.

The 3XS Pro Graphics, Pro Video and Rendering services also enable remote teams to work collaboratively in real-time using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

3XS DGX as a Service provides high performance virtualised deep learning model training for data scientists, using the unparalleled power of NVIDIA DGX AI appliances. This service can be further enhanced with Run:AI, a software management layer that decouples data science workloads from the underlying GPU hardware. By pooling resources and applying

an advanced scheduling mechanism to data science workflows, Run:AI greatly increases the ability to fully utilise all available resources, essentially creating unlimited compute.

The fifth service, 3XS Cloud PC, delivers everyday office applications to any device, anywhere.

‘Scan Cloud revolutionises the traditional professional graphics, video and data science workflows. The portfolio of services provided by Scan Cloud enables any organisation to take advantage of highly responsive GPU-accelerated compute without the need to invest in on-premise hardware and its associated maintenance. Available in rental increments as small as one month, Scan Cloud services can be used as little or as often as needed’ said Marnie Sutton, Director of Enterprise GPU at Scan. ‘It really is a game changer for all types of organisations with distributed teams.’

Speak to us today about your creative needs and how Scan Cloud can provide the flexible and adaptive public cloud services your organisation needs. Scan Cloud can be provisioned as a public cloud service or alternatively we can advise on constructing your own private cloud infrastructure. What’s more, all of our Scan Cloud solutions can be trialed free of charge via a proof of concept hosted in a secure UK datacentre.

Find out more information please visit the Scan Cloud website or contact a cloud specialist.


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