Scan chosen as the sole UK reseller partner for PNY 3S-2400 storage server

PNY Technologies, the European leading solutions provider for the AI market, has launched the 3S-2400 AI storage server. It is an affordable flash storage server dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, designed to maximise the performance of NVIDIA’s DGX-1 supercomputer. As a leading European reseller of the DGX-1, Scan is proud to be chosen by PNY to offer the complimentary storage server as part of it’s growing AI ecosystem.

Using eight powerful GPUs, the NVIDIA DGX-1 delivers four-times faster training speeds than other GPU-based systems, but it is not designed to store data. As organisations scale up their AI training projects, they will need to find supplementary storage solutions to avoid disruption and delays.

While addressing the newer needs of this emerged AI market, PNY worked with Mark Klarzynski, a longstanding storage expert and a pioneer of the Software Defined Storage movement and the All Flash Array concept. While Mark’s technology is still relied upon by many of the industry’s leading storage solutions, he fully embraced PNY’s vision of a more AI focused solution.

‘Working with PNY and the newer GPU servers, it was clear that today’s flash is simply faster than the traditional storage controller can deal with, and so it becomes an expensive bottleneck and removing this was the first step in a new generation of storage’ commented Mark Klarzynski. 'AI does not need snapshot or deduplication or many of the features standard office focused storage require, it needs ultra-low latency and tremendous bandwidth at a price that does not impact the investment into GPU’s’ added Mark.

The Scan AI team are on hand to advise how the PNY 3S-2400 server can provide more reliable storage and enhanced performance for AI projects.

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