Scan receives two awards at the PC Pro Excellence Awards 2019 - Best Online Retailer and Workstation of the Year

Scan is proud to announce it has received two awards at the PC Pro Excellence Awards 2019. Voted for by over 8,000 readers of PC Pro magazine the awards reveal the very best brands and products of the year.

2019 marks the third year in a row that Scan has won the Best Online Retailer Award, earning the highest overall rating of 92.3% based on a mark of 93% for customer service, 92% for delivery, 91% for customer support and 93% for overall satisfaction.

According to PC Pro ‘Certain players are so successful, year after year, that they become synonymous with their chosen sport, a byword for excellence. Tennis? Serena Williams. Rugby? The All Blacks. The PC Pro Best Online Retailer contest? Scan. While other retailers wax and wane beneath it, Scan sits at the top’.

Scan’s 3XS WA4000 VR workstation was also recognised, receiving the accolade of Workstation of the Year. This marks the fourth year in a row that Scan’s 3XS Systems division has won this prestigious award, which is selected by the editors of PC Pro based on all the workstations they have reviewed in 2019.