Scan Computers International, a provider of GPU-accelerated AI compute solutions, today announced that it has collaborated with PEAK:AIO and Micron Technology, Inc. to deliver unparalleled performance and scalability in a range of AI data servers - software defined AI optimised storage platforms.

AI training requires optimised storage that can effectively address multiple high performance GPU accelerators within a server or cluster. The PEAK:AIO software platform achieves its exceptional performance without resorting to historic storage benchmarking practices such as using multiple clients. PEAK:AIO's full performance can be delivered to a single GPU client server, something no other solution in the market matches at this level of performance.

Elan Raja, CEO of Scan Computers International, said "The AI market is evolving rapidly, driven by startups and research institutions seeking cutting-edge capabilities. Strategic allocation of funds is crucial, particularly towards GPU resources, and as resellers, our responsibility is to help drive client innovation and advise on technology. With PEAK:AIO's latest solution coupled with Micron’s newest high-performance SSDs, capabilities that were previously only accessible to those with much larger budgets are now available to everyone.”

On top of delivering unprecedented bandwidth and latency, the Scan and PEAK:AIO AI data servers address the rapidly developing AI landscape and the critical aspects of power efficiency, cooling and space utilisation. Eyal Lemberger, CTO at PEAK:AIO said “Maximising internal RAID performance is important, but in real life AI solutions, the true value of high-performance storage capabilities lies in the ability to be shared with other AI / GPU systems through newer and innovative RDMA protocols, such as NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage and RDMA NFS. Developing, managing, and supporting this complex ecosystem is what truly takes focus. With the help of Micron, what PEAK:AIO has achieved is a realistic, large-scale storage appliance in a small 2U footprint, designed for AI teams, not storage or Linux administrators, and priced to align with GPU-centric budgets.”

Scan has worked alongside PEAK:AIO with Micron to develop a range of AI data servers. Using ground-breaking Micron 9400 PRO NVMe SSDs, new levels of performance have been unlocked, delivering up to 650TB in a single 2U form factor and over 171GB/sec internal performance. Furthermore, these enterprise class high-capacity drives and the dense 2U format delivers this functionality and performance at 1/6th of the footprint and cost of systems that would typically provide similar power.

“The collaborative effort between Micron, Scan and PEAK:AIO solidifies the Micron 9400 as the drive of choice for high performance AI infrastructure” said Alvaro Toledo, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Data Center Storage group. “Micron continues innovating to empower AI workloads, so we are proud to lead the AI industry transformation by providing superior performance and scalability in a compact footprint.”

Scan’s PEAK:AIO solutions have also been extensively tested with numerous NVIDIA DGX, HGX and EGX certified server architectures to ensure seamless integration and maximum performance. Lean more about the Scan AI data servers powered by PEAK:AIO.

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PEAK:AIO is a cutting-edge provider of AI Data Server solutions that revolutionise data storage and processing for AI workloads. Through their innovative solutions, PEAK:AIO delivers unparalleled performance, price effectiveness, scalability, and sustainability, empowering organisations to accelerate their AI initiatives and achieve ground-breaking results.