EVGA products are separated into performance categories. These categories allow the user to select the performance they need at a price that works for them. EVGA has a strict set of specifications that allow placement into each of these separate categories. They are as follows:

A step above the standard version. (SC) or Superclocked Cards in this category typically offer a great price to performance value. EVGA SC cards often include increased base and/or boost clock speeds.

Next level up (SSC) Super Superclocked. Cards in this category are more aggressively selected, allowing for better performance. Secondly, the cards' clock speeds are usually boosted again, giving exceptional performance in games and benchmarks.

For The Win (FTW). This category is for users who want to win. FTW cards are very aggressively selected, but not only that. Cards in the FTW category typically offer better quality components. This can be anything from a better cooler, more power phases, higher quality PCB, or better memory.

The Classified category is the ultimate classification for the enthusiast user. When you buy a graphics card in this category you know it is the best of the best. The EVGA Classified features the absolute highest quality components and cooling, and is intended for the elite!

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