Requirements for Delivery to Russia

There are certain requirements for delivering in to Russia, the following important information must be supplied for the import of goods into Russia: In order to clear your parcel through customs you will likely be contacted by customs via phone for verificartion, you will be asked to confirm your FULL NAME and PASSPORT NUMBER. Please therefore ensure that you provide us with a daytime telephone number and email address so you can be contacted, this will ensure swift delivery of your parcel.

The following charges via cusoms will apply:

  1. Free admission and no duty of tax below 200 Euros.

  2. Parcels over 200 Euros but less than 1000 Euros. Consignee must provide a power of attorney. No duties and taxes, however brokerage fees will apply as follow: A fix cost of 75 Euros/shioment and an additional 0.4 euro oer KG for handling.

  3. Parcels over 1000 Euros. Duties and taxes may apply depending on the goods description. A fox cost of 75 Euros + 0.4 Euros/KG will be added.

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