Learn from your customer’s behaviour

More Products
Spot congested areas and underused space
React to Trends
Put your window displays and promotions to the test
Fewer Clicks
Identify when you have repeat visitors

How it works

Wi-Fi Analytics lets you identify repeat customers and track the overall footfall in and around your space, by using anonymous device data. We use the MAC addresses from WiFi devices and convert them into an anonymous identifier algorithm. This lets us recognise customers as anonymous unique visitors – while complying with the Data Protection Act.

We can overlay Wi-Fi analytics on to your existing infrastructure or install it for you.

How it benefits your business

Compare footfall inside and outside your space

You’ll be able to learn whether your business is in the prime location and test the effectiveness of your window displays and promotions.

Make your layout more efficient

Heatmaps will help you learn how customers use your space. This enables you to spot busy areas and free space, so you can improve your layout and maximise product positioning.

See if your customers come back

Identify the number of new customers versus return shoppers.

Data and analytics collected

  • Phone Type
  • Arrival time
  • New or repeat visitors
  • Location inside and outside your space
  • Customer journeys through your space
  • The most popular routes through your space
  • Presence in each area
  • Length of visit

Automate & Boost

Learn more about boosting and personalising the customer experience using Beabloo to upgrade your digital signage. Use interactive technologies to make the customer experience more enjoyable while helping you improve your processes and services by using data collected from analytics.

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