Render & Scan – A Perfect Partnership

Render Media are specialists at working across multiple platforms in interesting and interactive ways, and have been at the forefront of content creation for the past 14 years, helping organisations simplify ideas, recreating the physical into the digital. Their service offering includes:

As Render media provide the expertise in VR software applications, Scan provide the optimised hardware on which the VR experience runs. Our VR ready systems are tested, optimised and configured to deliver the best VR or AR experience, when coupled with the HTC Vive Business Edition VR headset. Our team of system builders can cater for any type of system, whether you require a desktop form factor for office based use, or a portable system to use at shows or on the road.

Solution Architecture
VR Creation VR In-Room Experience
High-End Workstation High-End PC or Laptop Depth-Sensing Camera
Render Engine VR-Ready GPU Motion Sensors
VR-Ready GPU Intel Core i7 Processor Motion Controllers
Intel Xeon or Intel Core i9 Processor and Intel Optane Technology Headset Display

Virtual Reality, bringing your business to life in a fully immersive experience.

Augmented Reality, creating interactive content to engage audiences.

Animations, using Infographics, 2D and 3D Animation to communicate your business.

Live Action Filming, blending graphics and live action to engage with your customers creating understanding and impact.

How is VR Content Produced?

Most businesses already possess an entry point for VR, such as CAD content or 3D animations. These can be adapted using the following simple steps:

1. Take inventory of the content already being used in the business
2. Explore and integrate the organization’s messaging and interaction for each specific audience into the VR content to deliver multiple messaging
3. Integrate the VR content into an application that spans the business

The end result is a digital gallery of content that can be used by all divisions and can be tailored to specific audiences to tell the appropriate story in the most compelling way across multiple platforms—all within a single application. This reusable content is in stark contrast to having to produce films to deliver new messages for each audience, usage, and language.

Import from existing data
CAD 3D, 3D models, custom build modeling

Optimize models for real-time use
(manual or automated)

Bring models to life with
realistic materials and lighting

Use game engine for
animation / interaction with models

Application is VR-Ready

One VR project – Many Uses

Content assets scattered in silos around the business dilute a company’s message and overwhelm managers with a plethora of content platforms. Using VR, companies can unify digital assets and improve collaboration between teams and departments. Immersive technology allows people dispersed around the world to come together and experience a product or a service in the same space and in the context of how it is used. Furthermore, a single starting point asset can be turned into several connected and over-laying VR experiences so standardisation is encouraged throughout your business.

Step 1: Review current assets


and Point Cloud Data

Scan Data

Step 2: Review and build on current assets
to deliver multiple messages

Product design
and innovation



Training and

STEM and

Step 3: Integrate VR content


Trade stand

Virtual demo/
sales room


Thoughts leaders

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