Detect Audience
Detect audiences to produce relevant content
Effective Content
See how effective your content is
Trigger Right Content
Trigger the right content to the right customer

How it works

Video Analytics works by using anonymous facial detection to identify the age range, gender and dwell times of your customers. Detecting dwell times allows you to gain insights into how customers respond to your advertising and information displays. And gathering age range and gender data lets you learn more about the demographics of your audience.

Our Video Analytics systems can be applied to digital screens, mannequins, shop ceilings, supermarket aisles or any other strategic points to test consumer behaviour.

Plus we’re compatible with System on Chip solutions so you can turn existing screens into powerful analytics engines.

How it benefits your business

Gain audience insights

Learn more about the demographics of your audience and use this insight to align your marketing and service offering.

See who engages with what

For the first time, you can test the effectiveness of your in-store displays and learn what pieces of content the different segments of your audience engage with the most.

Trigger content

Pair video analytics with digital signage and once you know who engages with what, you can trigger content accordingly and maximise the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Data and analytics collected

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Dwell time for each piece of content
  • Opportunity to see (OTS)

All data collected is summarised clearly on simple Video Analytics dashboards.

A web version can be imported to your Business Intelligence system.

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