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As an experienced system integrator we are uniquely positioned to offer both cloud and on-premise solutions

The Scan Cloud platform takes virtualised GPU (vGPU) services to a new level - simple yet powerful. It has been created so you have an alternative to deploying physical workstations or servers. We won’t lie though - cloud can be daunting so whether you’re upgrading desktop devices or wanting an entire new network infrastructure, our in-house cloud experts are able to guide you through the entire process and minimise the stress.


Perhaps the first and most important thing to understand about cloud is that it is effectively a monthly subscription service. Traditionally, if an organisation wants to upgrade 20 workstations for a marketing team or implement network infrastructure upgrades this would come from capital expenditure, CAPEX, normally associated with one-time major, long term expenses. As cloud services are billed monthly, these can be taken from operating expenditure, OPEX, in the same way as other day-to-day expenses such as utility bills.



This means that the many benefits of a cloud infrastructure, highlighted in the next section, can be realised without having to justify large investments to the business, as it can be paid for monthly - as the service is consumed. Furthermore, the flexibility of a cloud platform allows it to be scaled up or down as demand and workloads change.

Cloud vs Physical Infrastructure

Aside from the budgetary and financial implications of CAPEX vs OPEX mentioned above, a great deal of company resource is required to manage and maintain a physical infrastructure as opposed to using a cloud service where the infrastructure, access and provision of the instances are handled by a third-party - in this case the experts at Scan Cloud. Below is a summary of the differences between the two scenarios - it is clear to see where the stresses of admin overhead, personnel expense and other complexities may be reduced or removed entirely.

FEATURE Scan Cloud Physical Infrastructure
GPU Hardware Location Third party datacentre On-premise
Hardware Flexibility CPU, GPU, RAM and storage resource allocated as required Single user for each physical workstation
Scalability Add extras users as required Dedicated hardware required for each user
User Flexibility High - users can work on almost any device from anywhere and collaborate more effectively with some solutions Low - users must be at their desk
Initialisation / Delivery Minutes Days
Management Admin carried out by Scan Cloud Admin resource required
Security Service hosted in datacentre so security levels are industry standard and robust Security is your organisation’s concern
Infrastructure Audit Not needed, as Scan Cloud provisions all hardware to deliver the service Needed if major infrastructure upgrades are to be undertaken
Value for Money High - as cloud resource is allocated and segregated as needed Low - as physical GPU resource is rarely utilised efficiently or all the time
Productivity Very high - many users can work during the day and GPU resource can be pooled overnight for complex projects such as rendering Low - users can only work one per physical workstation
Need for Upgrade Never - as cloud instances can flex with your demand and we are constantly evaluating new hardware to provision in our cloud Often - a workstation may need to be upgraded regularly as applications may outperform the finite GPU hardware

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