Planet AI

Planet AI is a team of scientists and engineers with deep roots in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing undertaking its own ambitious research projects towards Deep Universal Sequence Understanding. These skills are accomplished with many experiences in the domains of image and signal processing and has resulted in winning competitions over three years in the field of handwriting recognition, keyword spotting and document analysis.

Text Recognition

Archiving documents and recorded calls is one thing, but the real power comes in being to effectively and efficiently search those archives and extract the key information required. ArgusSearch software from Planet AI allows 'search-engine-like' display of information found in historical and complex handwritten or hand-printed documents. Unlike conventional ICR that provides either a transcribed word or a 'not read' result, ArgusSearch provides ‘quasi’ matches for a particular search term based on the equivalence of the search term and a particular instance of the term within a document. This allows a much deeper level of penetration of the information locked in a historical document and enables the user to search for relevant information in archives or libraries in a ‘search-engine-like’ fashion. The software, when combined with the power and speed of a DGX-1 appliance offers a significant leap forward for applications in the healthcare, banking and insurance sectors.

Speech Recognition

Understanding the content and making it searchable rather just having a huge depository of digital images is key. With this in mind, Scan is proud to partner with Planet AI to bring its Argus software solutions to the DGX-1 platform. ArgusSpeech software from Planet AI can detect phrases, written or spoken in millions of stored audio recordings and video recordings returning results where the phrase is spoken in the recordings. No more manual listening to those recordings, use ArgusSpeech to trawl through those voice recordings to find specific keywords and only listen to those recordings where the keywords exists or just let the machine do the hard-work and continuously trawl through recordings to search a big list of keywords. As the demand for valuable speech analytics grows, many organisations are considering speech recognition — searching within speech — as a way to quickly and effectively capture the value stashed away in their recordings. The partnership between Scan Computers and Planet AI allows clients from all sectors to access this ground-breaking technology on the DGX-1 platform for the very first time.

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