High-Performance Modular Computers

One Stop Systems (OSS) is a leader in specialised high-performance modular computers for vertical markets requiring the fastest processing and storage available. These technology-hungry applications include AI, deep learning, seismic exploration, financial modelling, media and entertainment, security and defence. While many of these applications can run on a single HPC server, the highest end applications require a rack-scale deployment of HPC servers.

OSS employs emerging interconnect technologies such as PCI Express, NVLink, Infiniband and next generation Ethernet, paired with Intel Platinum CPUs, NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs and NVMe solid-state flash products. As a AI system specialist in our own right, the OSS range of hyperscale GPU servers makes a great addition to our training system portfolio.

The High Density Compute Accelerator

The High Performance Compute Accelerator (HDCA) is a 3U rackmount appliance that attaches to one to four servers, adding thousands of cores of computational performance to a variety of HPC applications. The appliance contains up to 16 high-performance NVIDIA GPUs and one network card in four removable canisters. The system supports up to four PCIe cable connections operating at 128Gb/s bandwidth each. A single server can operate all 20 boards or the canisters can be divided between multiple servers.

The HDCA is a modular system that is easy to install with three basic parts: rack-mountable chassis, canisters with GPUs and a network card, and power supplies. The all-steel construction 3U rackmount chassis houses three 3,000-watt load-sharing power supplies, four canisters with up to five boards each, and an IPMI-based system management capability.

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The SCA8000 Expansion Accelerator

The SCA8000 packs eight powerful NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM2 GPUs connected via NVIDIA NVLink™ in a single GPU expansion accelerator. With up to four PCI-SIG PCIe Cable 3.0 compliant links to the host server up to 100m away, the SCA8000 supports a flexible upgrade path for new and existing datacentres with the power of NVLink without upgrading server infrastructure. With advanced, independent IPMI system monitoring and full featured SNMP interface not available in any other GPU accelerator with NVLink, the SCA8000 fits seamlessly into any size datacentre.

The GPUltima Scalable Platform

The GPUltima is a high-density, fully integrated computer cluster that is driven for high performance computing (HPC) applications like financial trading, deep learning or machine learning, oil and gas exploration, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), defense and security, and academia. Where conventional computer cluster systems use CPUs as the primary data processor, the GPUltima employs numbers of GPU cards, providing performance by adding thousands of cores.

The GPUltima is completely ‘application-ready’, so that all the customer has to do is to add his application software to the servers and the systems is ready to begin processing. The unique cluster management and monitoring software and the service and support packages that accompany the GPUltima make this a user-friendly system that allows the customer to begin his work without having to configure the cluster.

The GPUltima is 14.3 petaflops of computational clusters in a rack that contains up to eight nodes with each node containing up to 16 accelerators and one or two dual-socket servers. Customers can build up to the full rack, one node at a time, depending on their application requirements. Multiple nodes provide different performance capabilities, dependent on the number accelerators employed. All NVIDIA accelerators exchange data through Infiniband 100Gb transfers using GPU Direct RDMA. All GPUs are connected to a root complex through up to four 128Gb PCI Express connections. Root complexes are connected to the GPUs through Infiniband and each other and the outside world through Ethernet.

The clustering software allows complete manageability of the nodes as well as the individual GPU cards. The GPU monitoring and management software provides a ‘single-pane-of-glass’ management of the hardware, the operating system, HPC software, and users. With the Cluster Manager, system administrators can quickly get clusters up and running and keep them running reliably throughout their lifecycle – all with the ease and elegance of a full-featured, enterprise-grade cluster manager.

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