NVIDIA GRID is a graphics virtualisation platform that extends the power of NVIDIA GPU technology to virtual desktops and apps. It delivers an immersive, high-quality user experience for everyone from designers to mobile professionals to office workers. NVIDIA GRID technology lets IT tap into a powerful graphics-accelerated cloud solution to centralise apps and data, with virtual workspaces that offer improved security, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

Increase Productivity

Transform workflows to liberate your users and data from the confines of PCs, workstations, offices, and distance. With NVIDIA GRID, your teams can seamlessly collaborate in real-time, wherever they are, using any device they choose to be productive.

Simplify IT Management

IT can now centralise data and applications in the data centre and deliver a graphics-accelerated virtual workspace with improved IT manageability, security, and graphics performance that exceeds user expectations.

Protect Assets and IP

Protect your intellectual property and mission-critical data by keeping it centralised within the data centre. You can securely collaborate with business partners without the threat of data loss, while also enabling new mobile, work-from-anywhere work styles.

Flexibility and Management

NVIDIA GRID monitoring insights give IT an end-to-end lifecycle approach for managing the entire user experience—from infrastructure right-sizing, to proactive management, to issue remediation. They can now take advantage of actionable insights to deliver the right level of performance to every user in their virtual environment.

Simplified Development

Avoid solution design guesswork and the risk of inefficient, underutilised, or undersized infrastructure that isn't optimised for cost-effective performance. You can now leverage NVIDIA GRID monitoring insights to easily understand GPU utilisation during the assessment and proof-of-concept phase and ensure an optimised user experience from day one.

Proactive Management

Move away from reactionary responses to performance issue. With NVIDIA GRID monitoring insights, IT can create thresholds that expose consumption trends that impact user experience before they become an issue.

Faster Support

Eliminate long issue-resolution cycles and circular finger pointing between infrastructure teams. NVIDIA GRID monitoring insights allow IT to quickly isolate and correlate GPU bottlenecks with user experience issues. This can drive down help desk costs and keep users delighted instead of dissatisfied.

NVIDIA GRID lets up to sixteen users share each physical GPU, so the graphics resources of the available GPUs can be assigned to virtual machines in the optimally balanced way.

How does NVIDIA GRID work?

As an authorised Cloud & Visualisation partner of NVIDIA, Scan Business can help you design and deploy an NVIDIA GRID platform of your own, based on 3XS server hardware. NVIDIA GRID solutions require both a hardware and software licensing component - follow the simple steps below to find the solution that best meets your needs.

Firstly, you need to choose your NVIDIA GRID software edition – it is available in three versions each designed to address a particular user case:

Virtual Applications

Use with Citrix XenApp or other RDSH solutions like VMware Horizon Hosted Apps

Virtual PC

For virtual desktop delivering standard PC applications, browser, and multimedia

Virtual Workstation

For professional graphics applications includes and NVIDIA Quadro driver

Next, you need to consider the licensing & support level you require - NVIDIA GRID software editions are available as a convenient annual subscription or a perpetual license in combination with Support, Updates, and Maintenance Subscriptions (SUMS). SUMS ensures that you have 24x7 access to technical support, along with timely software patches, updates, and upgrades. It is included in your NVIDIA GRID software subscription, but is a required one-year add-on if you choose a perpetual license. Choose the option that's best for you:

Finally, you need to choose the type of datacentre GPU accelerator card(s) and the 3XS server chassis it will be installed in. NVIDIA GRID software runs on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs based on the latest NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, available in two form factors:

A selection of our servers optimised for NVIDIA GRID can be configure on our website, alternatively contact our Cloud Server specialists to discuss your requirements further.

View Selected Servers
User Density-Optimised Tesla M10 Performance-Optimised Tesla M60
Uses For rack and tower servers, optimised for maximum user density per host For rack and tower servers, optimised for performance
Number of GPUs 4 NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs 2 NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs
Total NVIDIA CUDA Cores 2560 (640 per GPU) 4096 (2048 per GPU)
Total Memory Size 32 GB GDDR5 (8 GB per GPU) 16 GB GDDR5 (8 GB per GPU)
Max Power 225 W 300 W
Form Factor PCIe 3.0 Dual Slot PCIe 3.0 Dual Slot
Board Dimensions 10.5" x 4.4" 10.5" x 4.4"
Cooling Solution Passive Passive / Active

Introducing the 3XS Cloud Workstation

If you have a requirement for an NVIDIA GRID powered high-performance solution, but don’t have the resource or budget to deploy your own server platform, then the 3XS Cloud Workstation could be the answer. Available as a short-term rental or long term deployment, this versatile platform provides all the power of NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards and centralised storage, management and security – without the upfront outlay. Simply choose the specification you need for your applications and pay as you go, with the flexibility to scale as you need.

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