Mellanox Ethernet Solutions

Mellanox Ethernet adapters with built-in advanced acceleration and RDMA capabilities deliver best-in-class latency, bandwidth and message rates, coupled with low CPU utilization. Mellanox PeerDirect technology with NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA enables adapters with direct peer-to-peer communication to GPU memory with no interruption to CPU operations. Mellanox adapters also deliver the highest scalability, efficiency, and performance for a variety of applications, including bioscience, media and entertainment, automotive design, computational fluid dynamics and manufacturing, weather research and forecasting, as well as oil and gas industry modeling. Thus, Mellanox adapters are the best NICs for machine learning applications.

ConnectX-6 Adapter Cards

ConnectX-6 is a groundbreaking addition to the Mellanox ConnectX series of industry-leading adapter cards. ConnectX-6 adapter cards provide two ports of 200GbE connectivity, sub-600ns latency and 200 million messages per second, enabling the highest performance and most flexible solution for the most demanding data center applications. In addition to all the existing innovative features of past versions, ConnectX-6 offers a number of enhancements, including data-at-rest encryption, to further improve security, performance and scalability. ConnectX-6 cards are available for PCIe Gen3 and Gen4 servers and provide support for 10, 25, 40, 50, 100, and 200GbE speeds.

ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards

ConnectX-5 and ConnectX-5-Ex adapter cards provide high performance and flexible solutions for the most demanding storage applications and markets, including two ports of 100GbE connectivity, sub-600ns latency, a very high messaging rate, plus Erasure Coding, Signature Handover (T10-DIF), embedded PCIe Switch and NVMe over Fabric offloads. ConnectX-5 has achieved up to 140 million packets per second (Mpps) of record-setting forwarding capabilities running the open source Data Path Development Kit (DPDK). The adapter also brings advanced OVS Offloads to enhance telecommunication and cloud datacenters.

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Ethernet Switches

Mellanox provides the highest performing Open Ethernet switch systems at speeds of 10|25|40|50|100|200|400Gb/s – designed to partner with Mellanox ConnectX Etherent adapetrs to ensure maximum through and eliminate bottlenecks across your network. A complete Mellanox connectivity solution enables deep learning & AI, HPC, datacentre, cloud computing, and storage applications to operate at maximum functionality at any scale.


  • • Software Defined Networking (SDN) support
  • • Efficiency
  • • Easy scale from one to thousands of nodes and switches
  • - Configure and manage the data center from a single location
  • • Elasticity
  • - Low-latency at any port speed
  • - Full cut-through switching
  • • Arranged and organized data center
  • - Supports speeds of 1/10/25/40/50/100/200/400GbE
  • - Easy deployment
  • - Easy maintenance
  • • Unprecedented performance
  • - Storage and server applications run faster
  • • Running Mellanox Onyx™, Cumulus Linux, SONiC and native Linux
  • - Alternative operating systems over ONIE

The Mellanox family of Open Ethernet switches provides the most efficient network solution for the ever-increasing performance demands of data center applications. The Open Ethernet family includes a broad portfolio of 1RU-sized switches, ranging from 16 ports through 128 ports and with speeds from 1Gb/s to 400Gb/s, allowing the construction of purpose-built data centers at any scale with any desired blocking ratio. This enables network and data center managers to design and implement a cost-effective switch fabrics by the “pay as you grow” principle, in which the fabric can be composed of a few servers in the beginning, and grow gradually into hundreds of thousands of servers.

Incorporating SDN attributes, the Mellanox Ethernet solution rewards the data center administrator with tools that provide a clean, simple and flexible view, and orchestration capabilities for the infrastructure. The result is an easily accessible framework that provides the data center applications with utmost elasticity. Accompanied by Mellanox’s Networking Orchestrator (NEOTM), as well as the world’s fastest network interface cards, interconnect modules and cables, Mellanox provides a complete end-to-end Ethernet solution that scales to perform at the highest level.

With its unique design principles and uncompromised quality, Mellanox’s latest generation of Ethernet data center switch integrated circuits draws a new benchmark line for industry performance.

General Specs SN3700 SN3410 SN3100 SN3200
400GbE Ports - - - 16
200GbE Ports 32 8 16 32
100GbE Ports 64 16 32 64
50GbE Ports 128 80 64 128
40GbE Ports 32 8 16 16
10/25GbE Ports 128 80 64 128
Height 1U 1U 1U 1U
Switch Capacity 12.8Tb/s 8Tb/s 6.4Tb/s 12.8Tb/s
Performance Non-blocking 3:2 blocking Non-blocking Non-blocking
PSU Redundancy
Fan Redundancy
CPU x86 x86 x86 x86
Power Consumption (W) 220W TBD TBD TBD
Wire Speed Switching (Bpps) 19.04 11.90 9.52 19.04
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