Kinetica – Instant Insight

Kinetica’s distributed, in-memory database on NVIDIA DGX-1 and NVIDIA GPUs provides real-time analytics on data in motion and at rest providing 10-100x faster performance at 1/10 of the cost of traditional systems. NVIDIA and Kinetica together deliver unmatched performance, predictable scalability across multiple high-density nodes, and seamless integration with industry-standard connectors to data sources and applications. Kinetica’s User Defined Functions (UDFs) further deliver the first converged AI and BI workloads accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs.

Unparalleled Speed

Dramatically accelerate analysis with advanced parallel computing

• In-memory GPU database with advanced GPU abstraction technology

• SQL queries to process and analyze billions of rows in microseconds

• Simpler data preparation through distributed ingestion and extraction without the need to index

Streaming Data Analysis

Ingest and process data at the same time to get instant results

• Run SQL queries on streaming and geospatial data

• Continuously collect, analyse, and integrate streaming data with historical data

• All-in-one solution to ingest, compute, visualise, and egress data

Visual Foresight

Instantly translate temporal, geospatial, and streaming data into visuals that reveal patterns and opportunities

• In-memory, distributed image processing & rendering

• Interactive visual discovery optimised for temporal & geospatial analysis

• Integrated visual dashboard

Streamlined Machine Learning

Train models faster and predict more accurately with integrated machine learning workflows

• Seamlessly integrate pre-existing code with highly scalable solution

• Simultaneously process & manage BI and AI workloads

• Integrate workflows with open source machine learning libraries

Visualisation in Milliseconds

One of the core challenges with geospatial analytics is moving data from the database layer to the visualisation layer. Serialising and moving millions to billions of objects from one technology to another takes time. Kinetica is able to short-circuit this by keeping the data within its database, executing complex geospatial filters and advanced analytics, and rendering the geospatial data on the fly through its internal geospatial web server. With this architecture, it is possible to filter and visualise large, complex geospatial vector data at high speed, and without the challenges of moving data from a database to a separate geospatial server layer.

Kinetica leverages GPU hardware acceleration for incredibly fast query performance to provide real time business intelligence. It's distributed design is ideal for processing large and streaming datasets, whilst brute force compute with GPUs greatly simplifies the amount of tuning, indexing, and administration of the database. There's no need to do pre-aggregation or build out cubes. It also allows you to reduce your reliance on specialised skills to prep and set-up data, as Kinetica is a familiar SQL-92 compliant relational database – without limits. Explore datasets with billions of rows in milliseconds. Slice and dice, and drill-down into data and discover new patterns and insights.

Democratise Data Science

Deploy and test data science models on the same database platform as is used for business analytics. No need to export data to specialized high-performance computing (HPC) systems staffed by data scientists. With in-database processing on Kinetica, BI and AI workloads can run together on the same GPU-accelerated platform.

Business users can be empowered to do more sophisticated analysis without resorting to code. Data science teams can develop and test gold-standard simulations and algorithms while making them directly available on the systems used by end users. Foreseeably, in addition to query, reporting and analytics, users could also call a Monte Carlo simulation, or other custom algorithms, straight from their BI dashboard.

Scan, NVIDIA and Kinetica – Your Complete AI Solution

Following your trial on the NVIDIA DGX platform, our deep learning team can then advise the best solution for you to purchase – both hardware and the most suitable software package from Kinetica.

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