What’s different about this processor family?

Drive actionable insight, count on hardware-based security, and deploy dynamic service delivery with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Support your hybrid cloud infrastructure and most demanding applications – including in-memory analytics, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, high performance computing (HPC), and network transformation.

Intel® Next Generation Processor Family

Intel® Xeon® Platinum Processors

  • Demanding, mission-critical AI, analytics, hybrid-cloud workloads
  • Best Performance
  • 2,4,8+ socket scalability

Intel® Xeon® Gold Processors

  • Workload-optimized performance, advanced reliability
  • Highest memory speed, capacity and interconnects
  • Enhanced 2-4 socket scalability

Intel® Xeon® Silver Processors

  • Essential performance and power efficiency
  • Improved memory speed
  • Moderate range compute, network, and storage

Intel® Xeon® Bronze Processors

  • Affordable performance for small business and basic storage
  • Hardware-enhanced security
  • Reliable 2-socket scalability
Move Data Faster with Intel® Ethernet

Move data faster and accelerate delivery of new services and capabilities with Intel® Ethernet

intel add in card
Once-in-a-Generation Innovation

Optimize, store and move larger, more complicated data sets with Intel® Optane™ DC technology. Available in a variety of products and solutions, this revolutionary innovation fills critical gaps in the storage and memory hierarchy delivering persistent memory, large memory pools, fast caching and fast storage.

intel optane
Performance to Propel Insights

Intel’s industry-leading, workload optimized platforms, with built-in AI acceleration, provide the seamless performance foundation, to help speed data’s transformative impact, from the multi-cloud to the intelligent edge and back.

intel agelix
Intel Deep Learning Boost

A Vector Neural Network Instruction (VNNI) for efficient AI/Deep Learning inference acceleration

• Important for cloud service providers, enterprise, and communications service providers
• Up to 3X Deep Learning throughput vs previous generation of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
• Accelerates AI/Deep Learning workloads, including image classification, speech recognition, language translation, and object detection

intel deep learning
Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

Extract more value from larger datasets than previously possible

• Scale delivery of services and support more customers at a compelling TCO
• Drive app innovation and explore new data-intensive use cases

intel optane
Intel Speed Select

Multiple CPU personalities based on workload/VM Needs

• Improved server utilization in data center through SKU consolidation
• Improved guaranteed per-core performance SLAs

intel deep learning
intel agelix

Of IT organisations cite legacy infrastructure as biggest barrier to business transformation.

Outdated infrastructures result in a 6X slower rate for product innovation and time to market

intel agelix

Server performance lags 33%

Maintenance cost climb 148%

  Performance Gains Performance/Core Cores & Perf/Core 2933 MHz Memory VNNI AEP
Platinum-82xx: Xeon Processor 5% 5%   X X X
Gold-62xx: Xeon Processor 5% 5% 22% X X X
Gold-52xx: Xeon Processor 35% >>> 35%   X X
Silver-42xx: Xeon Processor 25% >>> 25%   X 1 SKU
Bronze-32xx: Xeon Processor 10% 10%     X  
Intel Xeon Servers

Configure your perfect Intel Xeon Scalable 3XS Systems server

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