Video Walls

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What is a Video Wall?

A video wall (sometimes known as display wall), is a multi-screen setup, connecting multiple displays together in order to create one single ‘super-sized’ display. Often, multiple televisions or monitors were used, however these displays tend to have large ‘edges’ or bezels surrounding them, so when installed, not only do they tend to require larger gaps between each screen, but the large bezels also removes the single visual canvas usually desired. Specialised video wall displays, now consist of razer thin bezels to help create an almost seamless viewing experience.

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Key Features and Benefits

Internal/External Comms – Sometimes a single screen just isn’t big enough. In many large communal spaces there is often high foot traffic, such as public transport, corporate lobbies, University campus lounges and more, having a larger display ensures your messages get seen.

First Impressions – They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. By using a stunning video wall display, you can captivate audiences with your content on a huge scale, making it something they won’t forget.

No Resolution Limits – Resolution refers to pixel count and density, the more pixels the more detailed an image can be. With a video wall, you are combining several high-definition displays additively, so you can display a massive image with no loss of fine detail.

Multiple Sources – Many video walls are set up using a daisy-chain method. This means only a single source of content can be displayed across the entire video wall. With Scan’s video wall solution, you have the ability to show multiple sources across your video wall, perfect for a variety of applications such as Control Rooms/Operations Centres.

Clear Image Brightness & Quality – Projectors are usually the go-to for large images, but in brighter areas that usually rely on natural light they make content much harder to see. LCD and LED displays are brilliantly backlit to offer higher brightness, so content is clear even in direct sunlight.

Increase Customer Engagement - An interactive video wall can make all the difference for your company. A typical customer feels an urge to buy when the product for sale can be made to feel personalised. A video wall installation accounts for this and positions the content to envision themselves as a user by configuring, browsing options, and holding the item in their (digital) hands.

Where to use Video Walls


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