Getting Started with Digital Signage in Manufacturing

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How is Digital Signage used in Manufacturing?

Digital signage is used in manufacturing and production facilities as a tool for communicating with your employees, colleagues and visitors. It involves using digital screens instead of paper leaflets or posters to display content and messages at any location you install them, whether that’s at your reception, in hallways, the production floor or in your office spaces.

Although traditional printed communication are initially cheaper, the time spent and cost of replacing these so often adds up, and if there are multiple locations it can take even longer. Digital signage saves content managers from running around to update content per location and instead can do it all from a single location to as many screens as needed at their desk. Furthermore, content can be scheduled in advance to increase efficiency with automatic updates.

Digital Signage in Manufacturing

Digital signage can be used in manufacturing in a variety of ways to improve communication, safety, and efficiency. Some possible applications include using digital signage to display safety information, to provide training and instruction to employees, to showcase real-time production data and performance metrics, to communicate important announcements and alerts, and to promote company values and goals.


Control Rooms in Manufacturing

Control rooms can play a critical role in the manufacturing process by providing a centralised location for monitoring and controlling various production operations. A control room can house a variety of technologies, that allow operators to oversee and manage a range of manufacturing processes, such as production lines, machinery, and equipment. By providing real-time monitoring and analysis of production data, control rooms can help identify potential issues and optimise production processes to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.


Key Features and Benefits

Increased Efficiency

Show real-time data on production goals, targets, and progress to help motivate employees and keep them informed about the status of the manufacturing process. This can help increase efficiency and reduce errors by allowing employees to see exactly what is expected of them and how their work is contributing to the overall production goals.


Improved Communication

Communicate important information to colleagues, visitors, and other stakeholders in a clear and efficient manner to help improve communication within the organisation and increase productivity. For example, if there is a change in production schedules or new safety procedures, this information can be quickly and easily displayed on digital signage throughout the facility, ensuring that all employees are aware of the changes.


Enhanced Safety

Your displays can be used to display safety guidelines, procedures, and alerts, which can help prevent accidents and injuries in the manufacturing environment. For example, reminders about proper lifting techniques or to alert employees about potential hazards in their work area.



Easily update and customise content to display different types of information, making it a flexible and adaptable solution for the manufacturing industry. This means that if there are changes in production schedules or new information that needs to be shared with employees, your displays can be quickly updated to reflect these changes.


Cost Savings

Digital displays do not require the printing and distribution of materials, which can save you time and money. Digital screens can also be more cost-effective to maintain, as there is no need to replace damaged or outdated materials. Using digital screens is also more environmentally friendly, as it reduces the use of paper and other resources, this allows you to improve your sustainability policy by reducing paper waste.

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How you can use Digital Signage in Manufacturing

Here are some ways you can use digital signage in Manufacturing:

Welcome Screens

Digital Noticeboards

Colleague Communications

Security Control Rooms

Collaborative Working

Digital Menu Boards

Overall, the use of digital signage in manufacturing can help to improve communication, enhance engagement, increase productivity, provide greater flexibility, and save costs. These benefits make digital signage an attractive option for any manufacturing facility looking to modernise their communication and engagement strategies.

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