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Why do I need Digital Signage in my school, college or university?

Digital signage in schools, colleges and universities, streamline communication and makes the sharing of information easy and more engaging. Compared to paper-based advertising, digital signage provides a number of different benefits. And don’t forget, the use of digital signage can help your school become greener, by reducing the amount of paper waste. Here are just some examples of how digital signage can be used on and around campuses:

Welcome visitors

Social responsibility messaging

Promote facilities and resources to new parents


Policy reminders to all

Weather forecasts

Noticeboards to highlight student, team or school achievements

Promote extracurricular activities and events

Social media content

Timetables, schedules and events

Menu boards and notices for healthy eating

Security offices with CCTV

Emergency information

They can even be used to generate revenue through advertising

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Where to use digital signage in education?

Digital Signage is a solution that can be integrated anywhere at any time to drastically improve your communications. The content displayed can and should be as varied as the students in the school, college or university.

Here are some of the solutions Scan offer:

Digital solutions for inside the classroom

Interactive Classroom Screens

Digital screens in classrooms can work for both students and teachers. It can provide a more engaging way for teachers to make learning fun, but it can also help students become more engaged by providing a truly collaborative work environment, allowing students to work together and share ideas. You can have multiple people write at the same time, then share their work immediately as a seamless pen-to-paper-like experience on a digital display.


Hybrid Learning Solution

Students at home need to feel just as much a part of what's happening as students in the classroom. These groups come together when remote students hear and see everything as clearly as their in-class peers. Overall, our hybrid learning solution allows you to teach students anywhere at any time and still provide a seamless classroom/lecture experience.


Digital solutions for outside the classroom

Inside your buildings

Digital Signage can be used from welcome screens and communication channels to promote events, student achievements, sharing social posts, and even support services to students, staff and visitors, to internal comms to your fellow colleagues. Unlike traditional notice boards, having messages animated on a digital screen over paper posters and leaflets draws more attention from passers-by and guarantees the content will be seen.


Outside your buildings

Our outdoor solutions are totally weatherproof and vandal proof allowing you to deploy screens around your school/campus for further assistance and additional communication channels . This ensures that your content has the furthest reach possible to improve communication to students, staff and visitors throughout their journey on campus.


These screens can be also used to sell ad space for local businesses that want to target students with promotional offers to help increase return on investment. This is all controlled and managed by the education institute, so alongside any promotional content, important information that students/colleagues/visitors need to know about your establishment can be mixed in.

Interactive solutions

Touch screens can also be used for interactive experiences with your digital signage on notice boards inside or outside. Engage with passers-by to provide a more immersive experience and entice them to learn more, whether that’s more information about the institute or upcoming events and more.

When used in canteens, you can integrate a food ordering system to allow people to purchase their food independently to reduce the time staff have to spend taking people’s orders.



Education institutes can be extremely large and have complex layouts in both lower and higher education, making it difficult for new students, teachers and visitors to find their way around and get where they need to be on time. The introduction of wayfinding touch screens provide an additional assistant for students, colleagues and visitors which can also provide a level of security assurance.


Video walls / LED

Video walls and LED walls are impressive installations that have a much higher impact on those viewing the content on screen and keep their attention. Whether that’s in a lecture hall for students learning or a theatre with an audience, video walls provide a big screen experience that rivals common projector screens or smaller displays.


Menu Boards

Upgrade your old paper menus in your canteens to new eye-catching digital menu boards that provide the ability to update menus quickly and efficiently which can help reduce waiting times and improve efficiencies.


Occupancy Management

Our complete people counting solution allows you to count individuals entering and exiting any specified area, in real-time. Manage your canteens, libraries, social spaces and more with our Occupancy Management Solution.

Our occupancy management solution can also be used to understand the efficiencies of your buildings. As one of the biggest expenses within an education institute, it’s important to utilise the space efficiently, and gathering this data can help ensure all space is utilised to its maximum potential.


Security Operation Centres

Schools, colleges and universities all have large footprints with high volume of traffic throughout the day, and for all colleagues, students and visitors, having the reassurance that security is performing to its maximum response output is essential.

Our Control Room solutions can be used in any security operations centre. Having all your CCTV and other security measures be monitored from one single location enables operators to easily display, customise and interact with an unlimited number of sources, while providing managers with a real time overview. Critical information can be brought into focus automatically so security staff can respond as fast as possible to any incidents.


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