Digital Signage for Healthcare

Improve internal communication, patient care and the visitor experience with digital solutions


Why Use Digital Signage in Healthcare

As patients' expectations rise, and healthcare facilities strive to provide excellent care, effective communication becomes vital for an exceptional healthcare experience. Embracing the innovative capabilities of digital signage is the gateway to a more connected, informed, and patient-centric environment.

Whether it's guiding patients through complex hospital layouts, educating them about medical conditions and treatments, or keeping them entertained during waiting periods, digital signage ensures every touchpoint is an opportunity to deliver valuable, real-time information and foster a sense of trust and assurance.

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Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Healthcare

Improved Communication

Digital signage enables quick and efficient communication with patients, visitors, and staff. Real-time updates, appointment reminders, and emergency alerts can be displayed, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected.


Improved Patient Experience

Engaging content, educational materials, and entertainment options on digital screens help alleviate anxiety and boredom during waiting periods, leading to a more pleasant patient experience.


Time and Resource Savings

Digital signage reduces the need for printing and distributing paper materials, saving time and resources in managing traditional displays.

Health Education and Promotion

Healthcare facilities can use digital screens to deliver health-related information, preventive measures, and promote health awareness campaigns to the public.


Streamlined Queue Management

Real-time queue information helps patients plan their time efficiently and reduces perceived wait times, leading to increased patient satisfaction.


Emergency Preparedness

Digital signage can be used to display emergency alerts, safety instructions, and evacuation routes, ensuring a prompt and coordinated response during critical situations.

Engaging Training and Staff Communication

Healthcare organizations can use digital signage for staff training, policy updates, and internal communications, improving staff engagement and knowledge dissemination.


Branding and Public Image

Interactive and visually appealing digital signage can contribute to a modern and professional image for the healthcare facility, enhancing its reputation among patients and visitors.


Flexibility and Content Management

Digital signage allows for easy content updates and customization, ensuring information remains up-to-date and relevant in a fast-paced healthcare environment.

Digital Solutions for Healthcare

Discover some of our solutions for the healthcare industry:

Welcome Signage

Hospitals can often be daunting places for patients and visitors to go. By using digital signage to welcome people to the building, they are met with warm and welcoming messages from the start in order to make their experience more positive.


Wayfinding and Navigation

Hospitals can often be daunting places for patients and visitors to go. By using digital signage to welcome people to the building, they are met with warm and welcoming messages from the start in order to make their experience more positive.


Digital Information Boards

Place digital information boards in waiting areas and high-traffic locations to display important updates, news, health tips, and hospital services. These boards can be easily updated to keep the content fresh and relevant.


Patient Education

Digital signage can be used to display informative content, such as health tips, preventive measures, and information about medical conditions and treatments. This can help educate patients and their families, promoting a better understanding of their health and medical procedures.


Real-time Queue Management

Implement digital signage that displays real-time updates on appointment status, wait times, and queue management. This allows patients to stay informed and reduces uncertainty and frustration. Waiting areas can also be made more pleasant for patients by displaying entertaining content like news, videos, or health-related programming.


Patient Rooms

Provide a patient-friendly experience by using the latest TV technology, combined with a simple centralised management solution that can help give patients some enjoyment and create a more familiar, home-like experience.


Patient Feedback Surveys

Interactive Feedback Surveys in the healthcare industry play a crucial role in improving patient care and services. They can be used to gather patient feedback on various aspects, including post-appointment experience, in-patient care, service evaluation, and healthcare provider assessments.


Digital Menu Board

A Digital Menu Board uses digital signage displays instead of printed paper or hand-written messages to better catch the eyes of the customer from any angle or lighting condition. In hospital cafeterias or food service areas, use digital menu boards to display food options, nutritional information, and any special dietary considerations.


Meeting Room Solutions

Scan provide a wide variety of solutions fit for any meeting room or office space. These solutions range from large format displays, interactive flip charts, conferencing technology and full end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of any use case. Visit out Meeting Rooms solution page find out more.


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