Examples of Uses

For training purposes, for example, VR and AR offers the potential to immerse ourselves in any situation that can be simulated on a computer. Increasingly photorealistic visuals "trick" our brain into believing, to varying extents, that what we are seeing is real, allowing us to monitor, and learn from, our interactions. There really are no limits, so scenarios can be re-created that simply could not be mimicked in the real world – either due to excessive cost or danger - such as pilot training and in military environments. The main advantage being is if something goes wrong – you just hit the reset switch – no damage done.

Whereas, in a manufacturing and production-driven businesses, VR allows every characteristic of a part, process or mechanism to be simulated and tested. Performance or reliability can be tested and examined under any condition, far more cost-effectively, quickly and safely. Millions can be saved by eliminating the need to build full-scale working prototypes, by carrying out initial exploration of ideas in VR. Today this is used in aircraft design, with major manufacturers extensively using simulated digital spaces to design and test new features and models.

Businesses are already deploying VR capability and it will fast become the norm - if a customer wants to try out a new car, try some furniture for size or review their new kitchen design, VR will let them do it without leaving their home. Of course, real-world showrooms are likely to remain a part of the marketing landscape for some time, as for many products there will be a point where consumers want to see and feel the physical product. But for early-stage market research and quickly getting an overview of a brand’s product range, VR and AR will increasingly offer a convenient alternative.

VR / AR technology is certain to continue to improve, bringing our experiences in virtual worlds more closely into alignment with those in the real one – Scan, and our partners, aim to remain at the cutting edge of VR-ready system building offering your business a platform on which to base your development into the virtual world.

Delivering your Solution

Render media specialise in building immersive content for global brands using the latest techniques in virtual and augmented reality, alongside CGI Animation and 3D Graphics. Virtual reality software development expertise from Render, bringing your business to life in a fully immersive experience, is combined with Scan’s cutting-edge 3XS workstation design and build to deliver a complete AR / VR solution tailored for your business.

The team at Render has the ability to work with your existing assets, working across multiple platforms in interesting and interactive ways. Collaborating with your functional teams including product development, communications and training, render and Scan will help your organisation make the most out of digital content by enhancing, reformatting or creating new assets to tell the correct story in the most compelling way. Whether working with static images, video, infographics or CAD files we ensure that our clients understand how this can be done efficiently and creatively across their business, and how the end result is tailored to the most suitable hardware.

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3XS Recommended VR Systems

These 3XS systems are optimised for virtual reality and feature the latest VR Ready components. The HTC Vive VR headset has a special license for business users and dedicated business support.

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HTC Vive Business Edition

Furthermore, as exclusive partner for the Vive Business Edition VR Headset from HTC, Scan is able to further enhance our AR / VR solutions. With the Vive Business Edition you'll be gaining the Vive headset, two wireless controllers, and two base stations enabling 360° room-scale motion-tracking plus a 12-month limited warranty and commercial license. Vive unleashes imagination from the limits of what’s real. Finally, the visual, physical and emotional experience of virtual reality matches expectation. Immerse yourself in boundless, room-scale environments.

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