Timely Messages
Entice customers into your space with timely messages
Specific Locations
Send relevant messages to customers at specific locations
Magic Sign
Pair with Magic Sign to trigger relevant onscreen content

How it works

Beacons are small wireless sensors that can be used in any location. They use Bluetooth technology to broadcast tiny radio signals that can be received by smartphones within range. This lets you send relevant alerts to your customers via compatible apps as they journey through your space.

How it benefits your business

Improve the customer experience

Communicate with your customers and send timely, relevant messages via push notifications throughout their journey.

Influence purchasing decisions

Beacons can improve product visibility and provide customers with more information or cross-sell complimentary products or services. 

Maximise impact with Magic Sign

This lets you display additional content on nearby screens to compliment the alerts you’ve sent to your customer’s smartphones.

Learn from your data

See which alerts or offers have the most impact and adapt for the future to maximise response.

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