Our Approach

At every stage of our engagement Scan, in conjunction with our technology partner, Sensdat, will work with your teams to understand your exact needs and requirements, allowing us to develop the most intuitive dashboards to deliver real actionable insight.

Throughout our partnership we deploy dashboards in sprints, following the bespoke roadmap we have developed together with you. We deliver solutions as a series of quick wins that all fit in the bigger picture. This way, your investment is fully controlled and can be matched against the outcome to measure a monthly ROI. Our dashboards consistently hit the spot, for every function.

A View for every business function


A modern finance function relies on near real-time information and effective collaboration. We automate your financial reporting and provide key insights on your cost drivers, accounts payable, accounts receivables and cash-flow statements.


Sales people need crystal clear information to understand their customers. We give you complete visibility on your current sales performance, and incorporate external datasets - such as public data or weather data - for unparalleled intelligence


Procurement teams need total visibility on stocks and lead times, combined with an understanding of sales trends, to optimize stock levels. We help you merge insights from both your warehouse management system and your sales data to enable quicker decisions that result in lower lost business.

Our services

Dashboard & Reporting

Dashboards and reports are the eyes of your business. After we determine the KPIs and dimensions with you, we use our extensive data story experience and proven framework to deliver highly intuitive and insightful data stories that hit the spot, every time.

Analytics as a Service

Recruiting and retaining data experts with a business mindset is a big challenge. Our Analytics as a Service offer tackles this problem head-on: a modern MI team at your disposal, that will deliver on the promised benefits of business intelligence and analytics.

User Adoption

User adoption is the ultimate measure of success of any BI initiative. We involve users from the beginning, and we offer a range of services around user adoption to drive change management: Power BI certifications, reinforcement trainings, usage monitoring, incentives, and more.

BI Training

We are committed to making you as independent as you wish. We provide in-person training and written modules to get you up-to-date with Microsoft’s disruptive Power BI platform.

Business Process Automation

We automate the boring, time consuming tasks that weigh on your peoples’ motivation and productivity. We set up automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to approve documents or time-off requests, synchronise files, collect data, and more.

Custom Business Apps

Our custom applications enable companies to digitise their processes and gather specific data points relative to user-generated tasks. Data is secured in one place, accessible at all times in tailor made dashboards and reports.

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