AI Inferencing Solutions for Industrial Environments


Proven performance in industrial use

The most progressive industrial companies in the world are implementing AI inferencing technologies to deploy large-scale initiatives. GPU-accelerated computing enables AI at industrial scale, letting you take advantage of unprecedented amounts of sensor and operational data to optimise operations, improve time-to-insight, and reduce costs.


Develop & Deploy AI Faster

The combined AI solutions from NVIDIA and partners give you an easier, faster path to GPU-accelerated deep learning and machine learning models.


Gain Higher Accuracy

Use deep learning to make your algorithms for industrial inspection and predictive maintenance more accurate.


Leverage AI at Industrial Scale

Take advantage of the massive amount of data from your equipment to train your AI algorithms faster and optimise your operations at scale.

Deep Learning Inference Platform

Design • HPC
• Modeling & Simulation
• Design for Manufacturability & Serviceability

Supply Chain • Forecasting
• Supply Chain Optimisation

Manufacturing • Robotics
• CV Inspection
• Predictive Maintenance
• Process Control

Services • Predictive Maintenance
• Field Inspection
• Logistics Optimisations
• Parts Inventory Optimisation

Use Cases

Automated Inspection Solutions

NVIDIA GPUs are used to develop the most accurate automated inspection solutions for manufacturing semiconductors, electronics, automotive components, and assemblies. Along with accompanying software tools, embedded GPUs enable efficient analysis and accuracy for inference deployment at the edge. Inspection cameras can be deployed on the manufacturing lines to enable rapid identification of faulty samples or damaged goods - these can then be removed from the process with significantly reduced downtime.

Reduce Operational Costs

GPU-accelerated predictive maintenance solutions are helping industrial companies drive down operational costs by delivering greater accuracy than traditional machine learning-based methods in predicting equipment failure. By reducing equipment failure and unplanned downtime, embedded GPUs in the heart of the factory enable industrial companies to work smarter and more safely, while also reducing operations cost.

Robotics in Manufacturing

AI-enabled smart factories are changing the landscape of manufacturing. This includes everything from compact robots trained in specific tasks and autonomous rovers delivering parts in manufacturing plants to cooperative robots working together with people on the assembly lines. Autonomous optical inspection (AOI) robots now offer efficient ways to identify the smallest of defects, yet maintain the highest quality standards. Autonomous machines help transport finished products within factories point-to-point and alert self-driving vehicles to transport these products from the manufacturing floor to their final destinations.

AI Inferencing Solutions

Scan has partnered with Advantech and NVIDIA to bring to market a range of AI Edge Solutions for inferencing – the MIC series. Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson GPU series, these provide the performance of a GPU workstation in an embedded module. Featuring strict validation ensure thermal, mechanical, and electrical compatibility, plus industrial-grade anti-vibration, high temperature operation capabilities, and modular, compact-sized design, these are the perfect hardware platforms for medical imaging, microscope analysis and automated diagnostic applications.

The range includes various models designed for specific environments and tailored for particular inferencing workloads. Many are modular allowing expansion through the i-Module expansion chassis or the i-Door interface to add PCI slots, extra connectivity or control modules.

Network Video Recording (NVR) Solutions

Entry Level Entry Level MIC-710IVA
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier Nano
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Mid Range Entry Level MIC-710IVX
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
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High End Entry Level MIC-730IVA
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX
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Edge AI Solutions

Entry Level Entry Level MIC-710AI
NVIDIA Jetson Nano
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Mid Range Entry Level MIC-710AIX
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
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Mid Range Entry Level MIC-720AI
NVIDIA Jetson Tegra X2
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High End Entry Level MIC-730AI
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX
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Learn more about the usage of AI and computer technologies to enhance IT infrastructure in this presentation by CEO of Scan Computers, Elan Raja, at the Advantech IIoT Virtual Summit. Skip to 1:01:28 in the video to view Elans presentation