Proven performance in healthcare

For medical professionals, new technologies can change the way they work, enable more accurate diagnoses and improve care. For patients, healthcare innovations lessen suffering and save lives. Deep learning can be implemented at every stage of healthcare, creating tools that make it possible to develop intelligent applications and accelerate areas like image analysis, scientific research and drug discovery.

Additionally, genomics data has increased in size and complexity too, however AI enables real-time genomics workflows with accelerated and intelligent computing at the edge, on premises, or in the cloud to reduce the cost of sequencing when studying large populations.

Use Cases

Patient Care

Providing patient care is a series of critical choices, from decisions made on a 999 emergency call to the recommendations a primary physician makes at an annual check-up. As healthcare data goes digital, the amount of information medical providers collect and refer to is growing. In intensive care units, these factors are amplified as patients need round-the-clock attention - leading to large, continuous data feeds to interpret and a crucial need for fast, accurate decisions.

It is now possible to use hourly vital sign measurements and a training AI model to predict eight hours in advance whether patients will need treatments to help them breathe, require blood transfusions or need interventions to improve heart function. Alternatively, there is increasing use of edge AI technology in the analysis of emergency call audio to help dispatchers identify cardiac arrest cases as rapidly as possible.


Just as millions of medical scans are taken each year, so too are hundreds of millions of tissue biopsies. While pathologists have long used physical slides to analyse specimens and make diagnoses, these slides are increasingly being scanned to create digital pathology datasets. Deep learning can then be applied to these digital slides, delivering highly accurate classification of multiple common skin pathologies. In addition, AI microscopy has been developed to analyse blood and bodily fluids. The microscope scans physical slides under a lens and uses GPU-accelerated deep learning to examine the digital images using edge AI technology embedded in the microscope itself.

Predictive Health

A host of AI tools are being developed to detect risk factors for diseases months before symptoms appear. These will help doctors make earlier diagnoses, conduct longevity studies or take preventative action. Taking advantage of the ability of deep learning models to spot patterns in large datasets, these tools may extract insights from electronic health records, physical features or genetic information. For example, facial recognition and AI is being used to identify about numerous known genetic syndromes from photos of patients’ faces to could help cut down the time it takes to get an accurate diagnosis. Using AI and a wide range of electronic health records, such as lab tests, X-rays and doctors notes can help researchers draw new connections among hundreds of health measurements that could predict diseases like diabetes, heart failure, severe kidney disease and liver problems several months faster than traditional methods.

AI Inferencing Solutions

Scan has partnered with Advantech and NVIDIA to bring to market a range of AI Edge Solutions for inferencing – the MIC series. Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson GPU series, these provide the performance of a GPU workstation in an embedded module. Featuring strict validation ensure thermal, mechanical, and electrical compatibility, plus industrial-grade anti-vibration, high temperature operation capabilities, and modular, compact-sized design, these are the perfect hardware platforms for medical imaging, microscope analysis and automated diagnostic applications.

The range includes various models designed for specific environments and tailored for particular inferencing workloads. Many are modular allowing expansion through the i-Module expansion chassis or the i-Door interface to add PCI slots, extra connectivity or control modules.

Network Video Recording (NVR) Solutions

Entry Level Entry Level MIC-710IVA
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier Nano
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Mid Range Entry Level MIC-710IVX
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
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High End Entry Level MIC-730IVA
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX
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Edge AI Solutions

Entry Level Entry Level MIC-710AI
NVIDIA Jetson Nano
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Mid Range Entry Level MIC-710AIX
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
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Mid Range Entry Level MIC-720AI
NVIDIA Jetson Tegra X2
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High End Entry Level MIC-730AI
NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX
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Learn more about the usage of AI and computer technologies to enhance IT infrastructure in this presentation by CEO of Scan Computers, Elan Raja, at the Advantech IIoT Virtual Summit. Skip to 1:01:28 in the video to view Elans presentation

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