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Dell PowerScale AI Storage Solutions

The PowerScale Family

The PowerScale family includes Dell PowerScale platforms configured with the PowerScale OneFS operating system. OneFS provides the intelligence behind the highly scalable, high–performance modular storage solution that can satisfy all your AI and deep learning application needs.


Inline compression and data deduplication software enhances storage efficiency to reduce your physical storage requirements by up to 35%. A policy-based, automated tiering option allows you to optimise storage resources and further lower costs.


Powered by the PowerScale OneFS operating system, Isilon all-flash storage supports all major protocols and data access methods. This means that you can support a wide range of unstructured data applications and workloads on a single storage platform.

Data Protection

All-flash platforms are highly resilient and offers N+1 through N+4 redundancy. With OneFS you may also choose from a variety of efficient and proven enterprise data backup and disaster recovery options.


All-flash platforms offer a broad range of robust security options including FIPS 140-2 level 2 self-encrypting drives, role-based access control (RBAC), secure access zones and file system auditing support.

PowerScale - Fast, Flexible and Scalable

New PowerScale all-flash storage platforms - powered by the OneFS operating system - provide a powerful yet simple scale-out storage architecture to speed up access to massive amounts of unstructured data while dramatically reducing cost and complexity. They deliver extreme performance and efficiency for your most demanding unstructured data applications and workloads, such as AI and deep learning. Dell-EMC has worked with NVIDIA to provide reference architectures featuring PowerScale or Isilon arrays, the DGX A100 Universal AI alliance and NVIDIA Mellanox switches for connectivity.

The PowerScale family of all-flash nodes - powered by OneFS - can drive workloads at the edge, in the datacentre or in the cloud. These nodes are available in a cost-effective all-flash form factor which deliver blazing performance and up to 93PB capacity to address the needs of the modern workloads of today and tomorrow. PowerScale is well suited to store and manage your unstructured data across all industries and vertical markets for use cases like big data analytics, HPC, deep learning and genomics.

All-flash Node Specifications
PowerScale F900 PowerScale F600 PowerScale F200
Use Case HPC & AI, massive performance workloads Demanding line of business and AI applications Edge and small deployments
Raw node capacity 46TB to 368TB 15.36TB to 122.8TB 3.84TB to 30.72TB
ECC memory (per node) 736GB 128, 192, 384, or 736 GB 48GB or 96GB
Nodes per cluster 3 to 252 3 to 252 3 to 252
Raw cluster capacity 138TB to 93PB 46TB to 30PB 11TB to 7.7PB
Inline Data Reduction
Storage Type NVMe SSD NVMe SSD SSD
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