Intel & 3XS Collaboration

AI focused workloads demand a new generation of storage, capable of delivering ultra-low latency and tremendous bandwidth while providing a price performance ratio which aligns with large scale GPU acquisition.

AI projects often start small but can scale tremendously. Unfortunately, traditional storage solutions require upfront commitments to ensure future performance and scale, forcing budget to be used on overprovisioning storage solutions at a time when the funds would be best spent elsewhere.

Scan’s AI optimised storage solution, backed by Intel technology, introduces a modular approach to scale, providing smaller AI projects with outstanding levels of performance at an affordable price point, while enabling saleability to the industry’s highest performance and capacity. Meaning that you can start small with the confidence that you can grow as an when required without being confined to a lower specification solution.

Excelero delivers low-latency distributed block storage for web-scale applications. NVMesh enables shared NVMe across any network and supports any local or distributed file system. The solution features an intelligent management layer that abstracts underlying hardware with CPU offload, creates logical volumes with redundancy, and provides centralised, intelligent management and monitoring. Applications can enjoy the latency, throughput and IOPs of a local NVMe device with the convenience of centralised storage while avoiding proprietary hardware lock-in and reducing the overall storage TCO. NVMesh features a distributed block layer that allows unmodified applications to utilize pooled NVMe storage devices across a network at local speeds and latencies. Distributed NVMe storage resources are pooled with the ability to create arbitrary, dynamic block volumes that can be utilised by any host running the NVMesh block client.

Scale and Performance

Scale & Performance

Local performance across the network. Predictable application performance. Smart insights in utilisation.



Maximise the utilisation of your flash media. Reduce your capacity overhead. Easily manage & monitor.



Utilise any hardware. Use existing network infrastructure. Choose from multiple redundancy options.

Intel Enterprise Hardware and commitment

Intel underpin the infrastructures of the world’s leading Enterprises and bring the same level of commitment to quality, performance and endurance to the Scan A.I. Optimised Storage solution.

Based upon Intel’s proven NVMe flash and Server hardware, the solution provides the level of maturity needed for such high performance ultra-low latency solutions


Ultra-low latency NVMe Storage Solution

  • Intel R2224WFTZS 2U server chassis
  • 32TB to over 300TB per single node
  • 24 hot-plug NVMe Flash Drives
  • 8TB or 13.6TB Drives
  • Max 25GBsec throughput per node
  • Ultra-low latency (NVMe + only 5uS)
  • 2 x 100Gb Infiband / Ethernet ports
  • Scale-out design
  • Global pool and node spanning
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