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nvidia virtual gpu server

Virtualised GPU solutions

Virtualised GPU (vGPU) solutions enable organisations to deliver high performance GPU-accelerated applications to their employees, but without requiring high performance workstations at each desk or in the field.

Virtual workstations can be used across a company to reduce desk clutter, or alternatively dedicated graphics workstations can be replaced allowing greater flexibility and security without sacrificing compute power - this could allow users to hot desk around various areas of a building, out on a customer’s premises or even in an external location such as a building site where powerful 3D graphics and modelling would be otherwise difficult to provide.

Depending on the virtual service you are wanting to deliver and to how many concurrent users, this will dictate the type of server you’ll require and the number and capability of GPUs within it, but rest assured 3XS Business series servers can be customised to provide a platform for a wide range of NVIDIA powered vGPU solutions including Virtual Compute Server (vCS), RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS), Virtual PC (vPC), remote rendering services and Omniverse applications.