New and Improved 3XS Support

From the moment you consider ordering one of our award-winning 3XS systems we want customers to be able to easily find out all the information they require – be it technical advice by phone/email/webchat/forum or to track the status of your order using our web portal.

How to contact Us

We want it to be as easy as possible to reach our support team using any one of the following methods:

Day Support


01204 474756


System Support Hours

Mon - Fri
9am - 10pm

10am - 6pm

10am - 4pm

The Change

This year we have restructured our 3XS support team, adding a new email notification system that will keep you informed every step of the way about the status of your repair. We’ve also doubled the size of the team so that queries are answered more promptly and repairs are turned around faster.

Meet the team


Ensures that all support queries are resolved as quickly as possible

Adam Payseno


Provides front line technical support on the phone/live chat/OLQ/email/forum

Sanjay Mistry
Ben Smith
Luke Jackson


Provides front line technical support after 5.30pm on weekdays and during weekends

Josh Hawkins
Junmon Chan
Scott Beaven


Experienced engineers that will replace/repair any broken components

Paul Dale
James Sellars
Ryan Hand
James Steindorff

Our Process

Our support engineers have multiple tools at their disposal to get your system up and running again as quickly as possible. To diagnose the faulty component or software we ship all 3XS systems with a USB stick packed full of helpful utilities.

We also preinstall a Windows application that has shortcuts to diagnostic tools and our contact details. The 3XS Support application can be found running in the System Tray in the bottom right corner of the Task Bar with a ‘3XS’ icon – simply right click on the icon to open the menu then left click on the option you want.

Our engineers are also able to remotely log into your system using TeamViewer, a safe and secure software package that will not interfere with your data.

Our Promise

We are committed to get your system up and running as quickly as possible, but not all faults can be fixed remotely. If this is that case with your system and your system is covered by our Onsite Warranty we can arrange for an engineer to visit your home or office and replace the faulty component(s). If this isn’t convenient, or the system requires significant repairs and your system is covered by our Collect and Return Warranty we will send a courier to collect your system. If your system is covered by a Return to Base Warranty we will fix your system, but it is your responsibility to send it to us.

Once your system is back at our UK-based service centre our engineers will examine, fix and arrange return of the system to you. Throughout this process we will keep you informed of the status of the repair via our automated email system that includes an estimate of when the system will be ready to send back to you or be collected.

Help us to help you


We ask that you retain the original case box and polystyrene as this will protect the case if we need to collect the system by courier, if you have disposed of the packaging and the system needs to come back to Scan we can supply suitable packaging materials for a small fee.

Diagnosis Tools

For convenience we leave some testing software on your system. You may find these useful to help identify the cause of the fault. These applications can be found in the Start Menu and as a desktop shortcut labelled as ‘3XS Support Tools’.

In addition, you may the following utilities useful: Memory testing - Memtest –
CPU / Overclock Stability testing - Aida64 -
Graphics card testing - 3DMark –


Sometimes software installed after a system has been received can cause instabilities and crashes. Typically these issues can be resolved without requiring a visit from an onsite engineer or returning the system to Scan. If Acronis True Image was purchased with the system this can be used to restore your system to factory defaults. Alternatively you can reinstall a fresh copy of Windows. If you’re not comfortable with these simple procedures our friendly support team can talk you the process.


What to do if your system isn't working ?

First of all we’re sorry that your system isn’t working as it should. All Scan 3XS systems undergo a rigorous 24-hour burn test and 88-point QC procedure. However, from time to time components do fail and software errors occur.

If your system is still under warranty please contact our support team via one of the methods above. Alternatively, if your system warranty has already expired, we can arrange for it to be repaired for a small fee.

Scan’s 3XS support team has state of the art equipment and systems to get your system working again as quickly as possible. For example, we are able to remotely login to your system over the Internet using TeamViewer, a safe and secure software package that will not interfere with your data.

What is covered in my warranty ?

Onsite Warranty:
If your system is covered by an Onsite Warranty and develops a fault that cannot be fixed remotely or on the phone we can arrange to send out an engineer. This service is only available in the mainland UK and typically takes one to two days to arrange. Onsite warranty appointments are available Monday to Friday, 9pm to 5.30pm.

Please note that not all faults can be repaired by our onsite technicians. For example, watercooled and overclocked PCs will need to be returned to our factory for repair. In these instances Scan will cover the cost of collecting and returning the PC to you.

Collect and Return Warranty:
If your system is covered by a Collect and Return Warranty and develops a fault that cannot be fixed remotely or on the phone we can arrange to have it collected and returned to Scan for repair. Scan covers the cost of both collecting and returning the system to you.

Return to Base Warranty:
If your system is covered by a Return to Base Warranty and develops a fault that cannot be fixed remotely or on the phone it is your responsibility to return the system to us. Once back at Scan we will fix your system and arrange to return it to you.

Please note that the 3XS system warranty only covers components inside the system; any peripherals or external devices such as but not limited to the monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers are covered by the peripheral manufacturer’s warranty.

What is covered in the dead pixel policy?

LCD screens occasionally include some faulty pixels (either constantly bright or dark pixels). Screen manufacturers have adopted a policy of not replacing monitors or LCD screens with under a certain number of faulty pixels (as defined by the manufacturer).

Scan is bound by the individual manufacturer’s faulty pixel policy. This policy is adopted throughout the IT industry, although not widely advertised. The faulty pixel policy is covered by the International ISO standard 13406-2.

We are open and honest about this policy as we hope to keep our customers fully informed about this policy and make them aware that if they receive an LCD screen that develops faulty pixels below the manufacturers stated threshold that we cannot replace it. Some manufacturers may exceed this standard for faulty pixels, please see individual manufacturers for their faulty pixel policy.

In addition, we offer customers shopping for a Scan 3XS laptop an option to buy a Pixel Perfect policy at the time of purchase. If Pixel Perfect is selected then Scan will check the screen for any dead or stuck pixels before shipping and if the screen develops any pixel issues within 28 days of delivery we will replace or repair the screen.

What if Windows is not reporting the CPU frequency correctly on my overclocked CPU ?

Please note that your system will not show the overclock that you ordered when your PC is sitting idle in Windows not running any applications. This is because Intel and AMD processors include power management technology that reduces the frequency of the CPU to save power when it is idle. This means that your overclock will only show up in CPU diagnosis applications when the CPU is under heavy load.

What should I do if my system fails out of hours?

If your system develops a problem when our technical support office is closed then the most important thing to do is not to panic – if your system is still under warranty our team will work closely with you to resolve the fault as soon as our office reopens. Over the last twenty years of operation we’ve also found that most problems can be fixed either on the phone or by email. Even if the problem is more serious, such as a hardware failure, our team can arrange for the system to be collected and returned to our factory for repair.

If there is an error message on the screen please take a screenshot using the Windows Snipping Tool found in Accessories in the Start Menu or using your digital camera / mobile phone. If you could send or describe the contents of this error message to our technical support team it will greatly speed up fixing the fault on your system.

In the meantime, if your system still powers up correctly we’d recommend the following actions, as you may be able to resolve the problem yourself quickly and easily:

Restart your system:
This sound like a cliché, but many problems with systems are temporary and restarting Windows will often get rid of the problem. If Windows menus aren’t responding you can force a shut down by pressing and holding the power button on the front of the case.

Check your anti-virus program:
Computer viruses are unwelcome applications that infect your system, making it respond slowly and in some cases take over the running of your system, such as opening web pages by themselves or deleting your data. If your system is exhibiting any of these types of problems we strongly recommend opening your anti-virus software and running a Full System Scan. If you don’t have any anti-virus software installed you can download a free version of AVG at which may be able to detect and eliminate the virus.

Uninstall the last piece of software/game that you installed:
Sometimes a new application can overwrite files that existing software uses causing a fault to develop. These problems can often be solved by temporarily removing the new application. The best way to remove a troublesome application is using the ‘Uninstall a program’ option in the Windows Control Panel.

Run Windows update
Microsoft regularly issues free updates to Windows to fix problems that it has detected in the system. To run Windows Update manually click on this icon in the System Tray near the clock in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. This will open a new screen where you can select ‘Check for updates’. This will connect to the Internet, search for updates, download and install them. Some updates require Windows to restart, so make sure you have saved any files you’re currently working on before running Windows Update.