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Cost effective, maintenance free and scalable solutions for your business.

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These systems are optimised for Storage Spaces Direct (SDS), designed with certified Windows Server 2016 ingredients and validated by Intel.

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Our goal is to make the most reliable industrial and commercial PCs in the market, using the best quality components, backed by award-winning customer support. Choose between systems optimised for commercial use including office, retail and embedded applications or industrial use such as factories, outdoor and harsh environments. Please click on the system types below to view example configurations, or call 01204 474747 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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Everyone knows data is increasing – both in size and volume. Media and entertainment applications generate higher definition content; the architecture and construction industry demand ever more complex 3D designs. These trends impact the workstation user in that the applications need to be run on the most powerful hardware – both costly to update and maintain. Until now - the 3XS Cloud Workstation from Scan eliminates these challenges.

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The 3XS Cloud Workstation platform works by connecting you to the GPU power you need when you need it, and wherever you need it. To ensure the cloud workstation rental platform offers the optimum performance and flexibility for your business, we have a number of pre-defined options for you to choose from, all designed to get the most from a huge range of supported 3D graphical applications.

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We are that confident our 3XS cloud Workstation platform will exceed your expectations and compare favourably against your current solution, so with that in mind, we are offering a free trial so you can see for yourself just how much the solution can benefit your business. Just give us a few details and we’ll get you going on your virtual 3D graphics journey – fully supported by our expert team.

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Optimised Servers for NVIDIA GRID

3XS Servers optimised with NVIDIA GRID technology provides the ability to offload graphics processing from workstations and other client devices to a centralised server in a virtualised VDI environment. This allows you to dynamically allocate processing resources to the users who need it the most, when they need it.

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NVIDIA GRID is a graphics virtualisation platform that extends the power of NVIDIA GPU technology to virtual desktops and apps. It delivers an immersive, high-quality user experience for everyone from designers to mobile professionals to office workers. NVIDIA GRID technology lets IT tap into a powerful graphics-accelerated cloud solution to centralise apps and data, with virtual workspaces that offer improved security, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

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All virtual environments can now take advantage of graphics acceleration with NVIDIA GRID and the new NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards. The industry's highest user density—including support for 64 desktops per board and 128 desktops per server—delivers amazing user experiences to every virtual desktop and application at an affordable cost.

GRID Hardware