Choosing the right solution

The 3XS Cloud Workstation rental platform works by connecting you to the GPU power you need when you need it. To ensure the cloud workstation rental platform is best suited to your business, you should ask yourself these three basic questions:

1. How many workstations do you need?

As you can sign up to rent as little as a single workstation on our shared cloud platform, even the smallest business can now benefit from high power compute and graphics services without costly outlay and overheads. The more workstations you use and the longer you commit to them, the lower the individual monthly charge will be.

However, if you have a requirement for over 30 cloud workstations, then our private cloud solution may prove more cost effective for your business – contact us to find out more.

2. What applications do you use?

Whilst most applications are perfectly suited to a cloud environment, there are a few that may not be compatible in a virtualised state. Depending on the demand your applications need we offer a range of specifications consisting of various levels of vCPU, memory, vGPU and storage.

Virtual Workstations
Model Number SCAN LN Number vCPU Cores Memory (GB) vGPU Memory (GB) Storage (GB) Free Trial
S-CW2 84820 4 32 2 200 Apply now
S-CW4 84821 8 48 4 300 Apply now
Required for CUDA Usage
84823 14 96 8 400 Apply now

Alternatively, you can choose from our list of support applications by industry vertical, that are optimised for a specific build within the cloud platform. If you have a requirement for a specific specification not shown above, please contact our Cloud Workstation team.

3. Where do you want to store your data?

If the data you wish to work on can be stored in the cloud, then either the rental (public cloud) or private (hosted) platforms will be suitable, depending on the number of workstations required. If your business has a requirement to retain all data on your premises, regardless of workstation numbers, then the best option for you is the dedicated on premise solution.

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