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Simulator PCs

Amp up your virtual experience with a high performance simulator PC with multiple monitors or a full motion cockpit. Whether you are flying, driving or taking to the stars our simulator PCs and peripherals will help take you there with glorious graphics, full motion simulation and immersive audio.

RAID Full Motion Racing Simulator

Take your virtual experience to the physical with high speed motion and vibration. A constant attack on the senses the RAID is a challenge to master, delivering centrifugal forces during turns, or reacting as the chassis switches side at speed catching oversteer at 160mph, makes the experience more physically and mentally demanding and realistic than any mere game.

Full Motion Racing Simulator

Choosing the right simulator PC

Scan 3XS manufactures a wide range of PCs at a variety of price points, each optimised for different simulators and resolutions. This guide explains what sort of PC you’ll need to play the most popular simulators, allowing you to make an informed decision and get the best simulation experience.

Simulator PCs

Peace of Mind

3XS Simulator PCs are professionally assembled in our state of the art factory in Bolton and are protected by a three year warranty with the first year providing onsite cover. All three years of the warranty include both parts and labour, so if your PC does develop a fault we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

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