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We believe in total transparency from our suppliers to our customers and so here you’ll find out more about the key partners that help us provide reliable IT solutions.

Intel Xeon Processors

Scan is an Intel Platinum Technology Partner. The largest CPU manufacturer in the world, Scan 3XS Enterprise servers are built using your choice of Intel Xeon processors, providing the ultimate in performance, power efficiency and reliability.

Intel Data Centre SSDs

Scan is an Intel Platinum Technology Partner and offers Intel Data Centre SSDs across our range of business IT solutions. Intel data centre SSDs are available in a wide range of capacities, with different models optimised for outright performance and endurance depending on your requirements, including SATA and PCI-E NVME drives.

WD Enterprise HDDs

Scan is a Platinum partner of WD and only install their enterprise hard drives in our 3XS server and storage solutions, not only ensuring you get the right drive for the job, but fully tested and configured too if you require it.

NVIDIA GPU Accelerators

The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is the central component of a graphics card or GPU-accelerator and has the main task of accelerating visualisation or compute workloads in order to increase system performance. his is achieved by offloading data from the CPU and system memory into the GPU and GPU memory, where the architecture is much more parallel in nature - allowing many tasks to be performed simultaneously.

Scan is an accredited NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider and can supply the full stack of NVIDIA Solutions including NVIDIA GPU Accelerators and NVIDIA vGPU Software Solutions

Microsoft Windows Server

Scan is a Microsoft Gold Partner and only pre-installs Windows Server operating systems on our enterprise systems.

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Scan is an NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider for Deep Learning and offers a range of reliable, high performance server solutions, fully customisable to your needs.

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