Enterprise Class Components

Class-leading components combine to deliver high performance business systems

What Makes a 3XS Server Different?

Let’s be honest. Very little - but that’s a good thing. If you’re familiar with the components in a server from Dell or HPE or Fujitsu or Lenovo, then you’re already familiar with 3XS. We use exactly the same class leading CPUs, memory, GPUs, network cards and storage as these well-known manufacturers. Where we do differ is how we use them - in a wider range of chassis options; in a greater degree of configuration options; in bespoke server builds but with no minimum order quantity - and all in a UK-based state of the art build facility.

Let's take a closer look.

AMD Processors

The latest AMD EPYC processors set the new standard for the modern datacentre featuring leading architecture, performance, and security. As an accredited AMD System Integrator and an AMD EPYC Elite Partner, we are ideally placed to advise on which particular CPU(s) may suit your business requirements and also ensure you aren’t paying for dual socket models where GPU-acceleration is the key and an EPYC single socket option will suffice.

amd epyc processor

Intel Processors, SSDs and
Network Cards

The Xeon Scalable Processor family from Intel brings ground breaking performance to our server portfolio. We also use ultra-reliable Intel SSDs offering NVMe and SATA options alongside a wide range of Intel Ethernet network cards. As an Intel Platinum Technology Partner, we are fully certified to ensure Intel component configurations are fully compatible and provide optimum performance.

intel 11th generation cpus
nvidia quadro


NVIDIA professional grade GPU-accelerators not only offer the pinnacle of accelerated compute power, but ensure application compatibility using certified drivers, data integrity with ECC memory and enhanced security by offering USB port control. As an NVIDIA Elite Partner, we are ideally suited to advise on GPU choice and multi-GPU configurations for specialist workloads such as HPC, AI and virtual graphics.


NVIDIA Mellanox Networking

Server connectivity has to evolve to cope with containerised workloads and increasingly software-defined datacentre environments. As we’re an Elite Partner for NVIDIA, we can be trusted to help you choose between Ethernet and Infiniband networking cards for your server, or whether advanced data processing unit (DPU) cards should be used to offload important management tasks to prioritise data throughput - vital for GPU-accelerated computing.

mellanox networks

Samsung SSDs

Samsung has a wide choice for SSDs for professional server use. It's NAND based drives provide excellent performance and reliability and are available as traditional 2.5in SATA drives or as NVMe drives for even faster performance.

samsung nvme and performance ssds
seagate hard drives and ssd

Seagate HDDs

The Seagate Exos enterprise range of HDDs offer great flexibility when it comes to mission critical storage, but when SSD performance is not required. Built for 24/7 usage and fully vibration resistant they are a great choice within tiered storage systems too.

Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems

Scan is a Microsoft Gold OEM Partner and we can simplify your server purchase by pre-installing genuine Windows Server software on our servers - whether you choose the Essentials, Standard or Datacentre version.

microsoft windows server

Linux Operating Systems

For servers dedicated to high performance computing, or artificial intelligence workloads, we can install any Linux platform including a deep learning software configuration optimised by our 3XS engineers.

linux operating systems