Quality from the Ground Up

We believe quality components build a quality 3XS system.

Open and honest with quality

We're open and honest about all the components used in our PCs, workstations and servers - you can see exact specification and model details of every option within our configurators. We aim to provide the best balance of price versus performance in all our systems whatever the budget - we’ll never use cheaper unbranded components to cut corners and likewise we’ll never use unnecessarily high spec or overly expensive components if they aren’t required in the build.

Let’s learn a bit more about the key partners and products that help us build our award-winning 3XS systems.

NVIDIA GPU Accelerators
and Network Cards

Scan is an NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider and we install GeForce RTX and GTX graphics cards (GPUs) in many of our gaming PCs and Studio PCs; the RTX models providing real time ray tracing to enhance gaming experience or visualisation capability. The GeForce range of cards are manufactured by a host of suppliers including Asus and EVGA.

nvidia quadro

Professional RTX GPUs

Manufactured by NVIDIA directly - these GPUs are used in professional workstations and EGX servers. We also provide HGX servers powered by NVIDIA GPUs for the most demanding workloads such as deep learning and AI, big data applications and vGPU deployments.

Mellanox Networking

For 3XS server builds NVIDIA Mellanox network cards are available as an option, specifically aimed at systems for high performance computing (HPC) or AI workloads.

mellanox networks

Intel Processors, SSDs and
Network Cards

Scan is an Intel Platinum Technology Partner, and we install Core series processors (CPUs) in our gaming, home and office PCs and some professional workstations. Higher end workstations and server use the Xeon series of processors.

We also use ultra-reliable Intel SSDs in our high-end desktops, workstations and servers, including lightning fast PCIe SSDs. Intel network cards feature in many of our desktop PCs, workstations and systems.

intel 11th generation cpus
amd ryzen and radeon components

AMD Processors and
GPU Accelerators

Scan is an accredited AMD System Integrator and an AMD EPYC Elite Partner too. We install Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards in many of our gaming PCs and offer Ryzen Threadripper and Threadripper PRO processors plus Radeon Pro graphics cards for professional workstations.

For server builds we offer AMD EPYC processors in a wide variety of configurations.

Asus Motherboards, Graphics Cards,
Displays & Gaming Peripherals

Asus is our recommended motherboard partner, supplying fast, reliable and highly flexible motherboards for our gaming, home & office PCs and professional workstations. Asus also produces a wide range of graphics cards and high quality displays suitable for gaming and professional use, complimented by peripherals such as keyboards, mice and headsets.

asus and rog gaming components and peripherals

Corsair Memory, Cases, Coolers, Power Supplies
& Gaming Peripherals

Corsair are a key partner in our 3XS PC builds as we use a wide variety of different components in our including DDR4 memory modules, power supplies, cases, CPU coolers plus gaming peripherals such as keyboards, mice and headsets. We also build a range of gaming PCs featuring the iCUE lighting system.

Samsung SSDs

Samsung is the most popular choice for SSDs in our gaming PCs and professional workstations. Its NAND based drives provide excellent performance and reliability and are available as traditional 2.5in SATA drives or as M.2 PCIe drives for even faster performance.

samsung nvme and performance ssds

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Scan is a Microsoft Gold OEM Partner and we only pre-install genuine Windows 11 Home or Pro on our all 3XS desktop systems. Instead of the traditional DVD media your system ships with a USB recovery drive which includes recovery image image of your operating system (OS) should you wish to reinstall Windows.

microsoft windows 11

Our server systems have the option of having Windows Server 2022 installed during the build process too.