Quality from the Ground Up

We're open and honest about all the components used in our PCs and here you'll find out more about the key partners that help us build our 3XS systems.

Beware manufacturers that recommend components that are too cheap as there’s always a price to be paid later in terms of reliability and quality. At the same time beware over-priced components such as unnecessarily large power supplies; modern PCs are far more power efficient than they were a few years ago and most 3XS systems simply don’t need 1kW of power. For these reasons the components in our 3XS systems may not be the cheapest or most expensive but they do provide you with the most bang-per-buck.

Intel Processors and SSDs

Scan is an Intel Platinum Technology Partner. The largest CPU manufacturer in the world, Intel Core and Xeon processors form the core of our 3XS systems. Choose an Intel CPU for the ultimate performance, power efficiency and reliability.

We also use ultra-reliable Intel SSDs in our high-end desktops, workstations and servers, including lightning fast PCI-E NVME SSDs.


NVIDIA Graphics

NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider

Scan is an NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider for Professional Visualisation and recommends NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards in our gaming PCs and gaming laptops thanks to their class-leading performance, automatic game configuration with GeForce Experience and silky smooth gaming when partnered with an NVIDIA G-Sync monitor. Find out what makes GeForce the best.

We recommend NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards in our professional graphics workstations because of their outstanding performance, reliability and certified drivers for hundreds of DCC applications. This guide explains which Quadro card is most suited to your applications.

We also produce multi-monitor workstations for traders using NVIDIA Quadro NVS cards with support for up to 16 displays.

Scan is an NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Solution Provider, designing and building high performance workstations and servers using the NVIDIA Tesla range of GPU accelerators.

We also provide VDI servers powered by NVIDIA GRID, hosting your workstations for improved performance, security and manageability.

We also provide high performance systems for Deep Learning and machine learning using NVIDIA GeForce and Tesla GPU accelerators.


AMD Processors & Graphics

Scan is an AMD System Integrator and AMD EPYC Elite Partner and recommends AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards in our gaming PCs and workstations and EPYC processors in our servers.

Corsair Memory, Coolers & PSUs

We use hundreds of different Corsair components in our 3XS PCs including DDR4 memory modules, power supplies, cases, CPU coolers plus gaming peripherals such as keyboards, mice and headsets.


Microsoft Windows OS

Whatever you use your PC or laptop for we recommend Microsoft Windows. Scan is a Microsoft Gold OEM Partner and only pre-installs genuine Windows on our 3XS systems.

As a Microsoft named partner instead of the traditional DVD media your PC system drive includes a hidden recovery partition that holds an image of your operating system should you wish to recover Windows. The advantage of this is that it allows 3XS to install the drivers and update the operating system prior to shipment so that your system is fully operational out of the box should you need to recover your system to its default factory settings.


ASUS Displays & Motherbaords

Asus is our recommended motherboard partner, supplying fast, reliable and highly overclockable motherboards for our Gaming PCs, Home / Office PCs and professional workstations. Asus also produces a wide range of high quality displays suitable for gaming and professional use.


EVGA Gaming Graphics

EVGA manufactures the NVIDIA GeForce Graphics found in our Gaming PCs and is our chosen partner due to their high reliability, proprietary ACX low-noise coolers and industry-leading warranty.


Blackmagic for Video Workstations

Blackmagic produces a huge range of video I/O devices for our Professional Video Workstations plus a range of accessories and control surfaces for its DaVinci Resolve colour grading software.


PNY Workstation Graphics

PNY manufactures the NVIDIA Quadro and NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators used in our workstations and servers.


Samsung SSDs

Samsung is the number choice for consumer SSDs with its 3D V-NAND based drives providing excellent performance and reliability. Samsung SSDs are available as traditional 2.5in SATA drives or as M.2 PCI-E NVME drives for even faster performance.