The 3XS Experience

3XS Systems has been building thousands of PCs, workstations, laptops and servers a month in our state-of-the-art factory in the UK for more than 10 years and so we realise how important it is that your new system arrives quickly and in perfect condition.

Track and Trace

Once we have processed your order we will send regular email updates tracking the status of your 3XS system as it is built and tested by our engineers. You can also view these updates using our web portal at your convenience.

More than just a PC

When you buy a 3XS system you're not just buying a PC but a premium experience. For instance, most of our PCs include an exclusive card reader mounted into the front of the case. This stylish device includes an illuminated 3XS logo with customisable backlight and can read XD, SD, MicroSD, CF, MS and M2 cards, making it ideal for both amateur and professional photographers. It also includes a pair of USB 3 ports for those cases that don't have sufficient ports.

All 3XS systems also include a welcome pack, which includes all the software, cables, paperwork and accessories for your system.

Recovery Tools

Sometimes software installed after a system has been received can cause instabilities and crashes. Typically these issues can be resolved without requiring a visit from an onsite engineer or returning the system to Scan. To aid this process all systems ship with a USB recovery stick which includes a backup of the operating system. Simply insert the recovery stick and follow the instructions on screen and the recovery stick will refresh your system back to factory defaults.

The USB stick also includes dozens of helpful utilities for diagnosing and repairing your system should it develop a fault. The USB stick can be found attached to the PSU inside your PC in case you misplace the welcome pack. We hope you’ll never need to use it, but it’s there just in case.

3XS Utility

We also preinstall a Windows application on your system that has shortcuts to some helpful diagnostic tools and our contact details. The 3XS Support application can be found running in the System Tray in the bottom right corner of the Task Bar with a ‘3XS’ icon – simply right click on the icon to open the menu then left click on the option you want.


Once your PC has passed our rigorous Quality Control procedure any space inside the case will be filled with anti-static bubble wrap. This has been specially developed for 3XS Systems and helps to protect your system when it is with our courier. Please ensure you remove this bubble wrap before turning on the system for the first time. We also double box all systems, with the inner box cushioned inside the larger outer box by a layer of shock-absorbing plastic air pockets.