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Even with the advent of smaller and quieter hardware, it’s not a comfortable experience to play PC games in your living room as there is no room for a keyboard and mouse and Windows has been designed to be viewed up close rather than from the other side of the room.

What is a Steam Machine?

3XS Steam Machine

A Steam Machine is a small, compact, low noise PC specially designed to be at home in your living room plugged into your TV. Rather than running Windows, Steam Machines use a special version of Linux called SteamOS, which provides access to all your favourite games via a streamlined interface from the comfort of your sofa.

Scan 3XS Steam Machines

Working closely with Valve and NVIDIA, our 3XS system division has developed the ST-series of gaming PCs. These small form factor gaming PCs are designed to sit underneath the TV in your living room, so are smaller and quieter than traditional gaming PCs. Equally at home sat horizontally or vertically the ST series systems are a quarter the size of a traditional gaming PC.

3XS Steam Machine in Living Room

As with all Scan 3XS systems, the ST-series systems are fully customizable with different CPUs, RAM, graphics cards and storage devices to match your budget. ST-series systems are protected by our industry-leading 3-year warranty while our tech support office is available 7 days a week in case you do run into trouble.

Configure 3XS Steam Machines

Play PC games on your TV

Traditional operating systems such as Windows are designed to be viewed from no more than a couple of feet away, so feature a myriad of tiny buttons and complex menus. This makes them very hard to operate from the other side of the living room. SteamOS solves this problem as it is designed with TVs in mind, so features large buttons and a menu system that is easy to view from the other side of the room and navigate using the Steam Controller.

Steam Controller

The Steam Controller is a gamepad with a different, enabling you to enjoy the very best PC gaming has to offer from the comfort of your sofa. With dual trackpads the Steam Controller can be used like a mouse for controlling the cursor in menus, your perspective in first and third person games, as a self- joystick in flying games or a steering wheel in racing games. You can even map the trackpads to a region on-screen for RTS and MMO games that have complex on-screen UIs such as minimaps and spell selections.

HD haptic feedback provides precise vibrations, so you feel every shot you fire, giving you great tactile feedback about the game you are playing. There are also two dual-stage triggers on the front that support both analogue and digital modes, giving you precise control over your games. All the inputs in the Steam Controller are also fully programmable. If you don’t have time to create your own profiles you can download shared profiles via the Steam Community.

3XS Steam Controller

Play the way you want

Although the Steam Controller has been specially designed for SteamOS, it also works in Windows. On request we can also install Windows on your Steam Machine, so you can dual boot between the two OSes. Other controllers, such as keyboards, mice and other gamepads can also be used to control SteamOS.

All your favourite games

3XS Steam Games

Steam OS supports over close to 3,000 games including current favourites such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Football Manager 2017, Civilisation V, ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust.

SteamOS - More than a living-room gaming PC

3XS SteamOS Browser

SteamOS includes one click easy access to popular web services such as web browser, Facebook, Twitter, TouTube and Reddit. You can exit the SteamOS front-end and install and run applications on the underlying Linux OS which is based on the Debian distribution.

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