Why Upgrade Your 3XS System?

Over time PCs and laptops appear to get slower and no longer run games and applications as fast as they used too. This is caused by a combination of Windows getting bogged down with old drivers and software plus software developers wanting to take advantage of the latest hardware. However, you may not need to buy a whole new system. Instead, you can take advantage of the 3XS Upgrade Assurance Program to give your system a new lease of life.

All you have to do is tell us which parts you want upgrading and our engineers will do all the work for you, free of charge – you only pay for the parts, plus shipping to and from our factory. The labour free upgrades available to you depend on which level of Upgrade Assurance you selected when you originally bought your 3XS system, as shown in the table below.

CPU Yes Yes
Overclocked CPU No Yes
Graphics Card Yes Yes
Extra SSD Yes Yes
Extra HDD Yes Yes
Reinstall Windows with latest drivers and updates No Yes
PC Spring Clean No Yes
Cost FREE £48 Inc VAT

How is my Warranty Affected?

All newly fitted components are covered for the remainder of your system warranty.
If your system is no longer under warranty or it's about to expire we will still provide technical support for the new components.

How to get Your System Upgrade

You can use any one of the following methods to reach our support team to discuss your system upgrade


01204 474756


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