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Our lightweight and easy-to-deploy platform helps provide retailers advertise new products and special offers to customers plus marketing tools for calculating the in-store effects of promotional activities, in-store performance metrics and footfall patterns.

Our Content Management System (CMS) is a web based cloud solution. Being a web based system means that you’re not required to install any third party software, it’s all managed thought a web browser, meaning that content can be managed and deployed from just about any device that has a browser and is connected to the Internet.

The CMS is a very powerful tool but user friendly at the same time. As you can see from the image above an organisation is broken down into four main groups, Content, Platforms, Results and Management. With our user level control system, a user can have access to the complete system as a ‘Super Admin’ or selective sections based on the permissions that are granted from the Super Admin.

Publishing Content

1. Create & Upload Content

You are able to customise the look and feel of the content that will be displayed, through our template driven system.

2. Create a Program

Decide how your content is displayed on the screen, whether it's the whole screen or different zones.

3. Assign & Schedule Content

You can now publish your content to any player in your organisation, and also choose specific times throughout the day.

Supported Media Formats

Our CMS system is compatible with the majority of file formats including but not limited to MP4, MPEG, MOV, FLV, SWF, JPG, PNG, WAV, MP3 and the widely used Microsoft Office file formats.

Not only do we except regular file formats, we can also publish live data feeds such as RSS, live TV*, weather and URL feeds. We also have our own API which can also link into 3rd party databases upon request.

*TV Licence must be used when displaying live or pre-recorded TV.

Omni Channel Marketing

Our CMS is what we call an Omni Channel solution. This means that when content is created, that same piece of content can be used for many different display mediums. In other words, if a promotion is created, the same piece of content can be used for Digital Signage, published to Social Media or made available for the Web or mobile app.

In other words, create a message once, and publish it on all platforms easily.

Social Media Marketing


As we all know, social media has exploded and continues to grow. Beabloo has taken the two most popular forms of Social Media, Facebook and Twitter and integrated these into our software. Using our CMS you can promote content to Facebook and also take Facebook content and publish that on your digital screens.

Using Facebook content you are able to use wall posts, photo albums and even profile and location information if required. From this info you can extract, text, photos and likes. Enabling this integration will help to make your content to be relevant, dynamic and up to date.


In much the same way as Facebook, we can automatically process tweets, hashtags and posts from specific user accounts.

Imagine your customers tweeting pictures of your products and how impressed they are.

These messages can be set to auto publish, in other words anything that gets posted to Facebook or Twitter can appear on your screen or you can set this as an approval system so that things can be regulated before they are published to the screens.

Conditional Content

Scan 3XS digital signage solutions have many ways of automatically promoting content from facial detection to beacons. Beabloo can also track the local weather, enabling retailers to promote products or services based on local conditions or provide weather warnings for public spaces.

For example, if it’s raining the system could automatically promote a special offer on umbrellas or if it’s hot and sunny it could promote the latest pair of sunglasses. Of course all the content doesn’t have to be based on the weather conditions, it can be part of a larger programme. It’s just one of the many different ways you can use the Beabloo CMS.


The CMS is a Software as a Service (Saas) subscription based solution meaning each media player requires a licence to use the software. Licencing options are 1 year, 3 year or a one off perpetual licence.

When a licence is purchased, your organisation receives an unlimited number of user accounts and unlimited amount of storage on our cloud platform. The organisation also benefits from unlimited software updates and upgrades to the system for the life of the licence.

How Can We Help?

Our signage specialists have many years’ experience in the Digital Signage business. We help businesses understand how Digital Signs can benefit their operation. We will carefully listen to your request and help address any shortfalls in signage you may have, propose a solution that will work best and work alongside you and your colleagues in deploying a highly efficient and cost effective digital signage solution that can help your business grow and convey the messages you wish to share.

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