What is a Video Wall

Video Wall Displays

A video wall combines multiple screens together, forming a supersize screen that is far more attention grabbing than a single screen. The reason why video walls are so popular is that they really offer the wow factor!

There are many ways to create stunning video walls.

Daisy Chain Video Walls

The easiest of which is to use the built in video wall software in these specialist screens.

To do this you simply connect each screen in sequence, with the media played connected to the first screen. The output from the first screen is then connected to the input source of the second screen and so on and so forth for the remaining screens in the video wall.

We then use the screen’s inbuilt software to configure the layout and position of the screen within the video wall. (See below)

As you can see, it’s very easy to create a stunning video wall. In this instance each screen shares a section of the available overall resolution however at a distance the content still looks striking!

High Resolution Video Walls

An alternative to the daisy chaining method is using a high resolution 3XS video wall media player which features multiple video outputs, with each output connected directly to a screen.

In a daisy chain video wall, the overall resolution is 1920 x 1080, aka Full HD shared across all the screens. However, using a high resolution 3XS video wall media player, much higher resolutions can be achieved, improving image quality and customer experience, in this example 5760 x 3240.

To create such stunning video walls we utilise the power of NVIDIA Quadro and NVS professional graphics cards. By combining the unrivalled quality of our 3XS video wall media player with NVIDIA Quadro Mosaic technology we are able to create video walls with up to 16 high resolution displays delivering state of the art, unsurpassed video wall displays. These video walls can be configured in any number of rows or columns allowing you to deploy a video wall in any size or shape of your liking.

Artistic Video Walls

Have you ever seen a video wall where the screens are laid out in different orientations or mixed sizes of screens? These video walls are called Artistic Video Walls. They offer an increased level of attraction as they are very unique and are not laid out in a regular portrait or landscape orientation.

Scan 3XS Systems utilise Userful technology to offer our customers the ultimate in Artistic Video Wall solutions. Utilising the power of Userful’s operating system we are able not only to offer multi orientation layouts, we can also mix and match screen sizes and manufacturers and are able to design a video wall unique to your requirements. Providing both the hardware and software we are able to create multiple video walls with up to 60 displays all powered by one 3XS System.

3XS Userful Video Wall

The 3XS Userful video wall solution utilises the power of NVIDIA CUDA to render the content at superfast speeds and delivers it to the video wall using networked zero client devices.

This means the server can be located away from the video wall and doesn’t require any specialist video wall processing units or connections as the system is delivered over regular Cat6 cable.

An added benefit of the Userful system is that same server can also distribute content to other digital signs in the same location making it an extremely cost effective solution to distribute HD, UHD 4K and even 8K content.

Not only can the system be used as a traditional video wall digital signage system, it can also be used to deliver live TV, Interactive desktops, a web browser or even a CCTV control room to name a few. The system can input just about any form of digital content

External Content Sources

Local Content Options

A Broad Variety of Formats

Dozens of popular video formats including H264 and H265

Key Features

The solution scales easy by adding additional zero client devices to your network and adding them as another screen within the Userful management interface. The Userful operating system is compatible with many popular digital signage CMS providers and can even distribute content via HDMI capture.

The setup and management can be controlled from any device utilising a simple web browser through drag and drop operation.

Pre-set zones and layouts are available so that content can be changed in the specific zones when required.

It’s possible to play individual pieces of content on the video wall or other signage systems simultaneously or synchronise content on all screens at the same time.

Failsafe Server

Even though the solution is extremely robust and durable, it is possible to add another server as a failsafe to ensure continuous operation when being used for mission critical operations when even the smallest amount of time offline would have a big effect on your business.

3XS Video Wall Solutions

Whatever video wall solution meets your requirements, with stunning visuals potential viewers cannot help but look in awe and be amazed by what they see. A Scan 3XS video wall solution will certainly help you direct your messaging to your potential audience.

From retail stores, shopping malls, museums and airports, if you want to get people’s attention, and drive home your message, there is no better way to showcase stunning digital media than a video wall.

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